Saturday, February 4, 2012

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Scarlett - Our first real ride!

It's February 4th, and a beautifully sunny day.  It was the perfect day for a ride, only thing was I had to get out and get insurance for my beauty.  Most of you know that I was spoiled rotten by Santa and the Elfette.  They bought this gorgeous Honda Shadow VT500C for Christmas.  I only had an hour to ride her when they gave her to me because there was only temporary insurance and it expired on Midnight Christmas Eve.  I did take her for a short rip, but was a little nervous because I wasn't familiar with her and it was dark when we were getting acquainted.  I was a little tentative because I was worried about black ice and other drivers.  We went for a lovely short ride.  I felt extremely sad when I had to put her to bed for the night and until I figured out what I wanted to do about the insurance.  I felt very much like Cinderella leaving her glass slipper at the ball at the stroke of midnight, only my glass slipper was my motorcycle boot.  Santa also gave me a new pair of those too!  

Today was the day, I made up my mind that I was going to insure Scarlett.  After that was accomplished it was time to do a practice session in the parking lot to get acquainted with my new ride.  My insurance for a year with my safe driving discount $868 - ouch.  Motorcycle Man who has been in on my journey from the beginning accompanied me to the lot and helped me go through the paces.  After a little while he said "Come on lets go ride down the highway and I will follow behind you."  He always helps my confidence level soar and makes me feel protected, he is an awesome sweep rider, but today he was following along in the car because he has caught the beastly cold that is going around.  This bike is all that and then some!  She glides down the highway with little effort and her ride is as smooth as silk.  I had her up into 6th gear and IT WAS FRICKEN AMAZING!!!! I have been feeling a little blue this past 2 weeks and I can't tell you how much this lifted my spirits and is the best 'drug' for a sad motorcyclist.  I think if more people rode a motorcycle or scooter there would be more happiness in the world! 

     PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE - You get a little rusty after not riding for awhile.  New bike & New Boots!

PS:  I know I cheated by adding 2 pictures.

If you don't know about FuzzyGalore's picture challenge check out her blog  It is an awesome girlie motorcycle blog!


Andrew said...

Excellent! Glad you could get out on your new beastie!

bobskoot said...


OH, OH . . . you mean we are only allowed to post ONE photo per day !

YIKES ! I thought you had to do a post a day with AT LEAST ONE photo.

Your insurance is CHEAP. I renewed at $784. for ICBC basic, then through Beacon I add the Comp, Theft, etc for another $350., so I have to pay two Companies.

it was a great day for a ride

Riding the Wet Coast

Trobairitz said...

I think we can post more than one, just has to be at least one.

Well, no rules means no rules right? Make your own rules Dar. Remember WWFD - what would Fuzzy do?

Awesome that you got to take Scarlett out today. I am so happy you are thrilled with it. Kudos to Motorcycle man for tagging along behind in the car when he was feeling poorly. Tell him to get well soon so he can join in the fun.

Dar said...

Andrew - It was a beauty day! I am so glad I waited to insure her for some decent weather. It was a little chilly, but my gear is so good that I wasn't really cold and even through the winter I haven't needed any heated stuff as of yet. But I think next year I may get some heated grips, because the fingers do get a little cold.

Bob - Holy Hannah! I am glad I only got 500cc's, I don't think I could afford more than that. The comprehensive wasn't too bad with ICBC, apparently my bike is too 'old' to go private on according to Megson Fitzpatrick, but I am going to check out Beacon for the next round. I was just in a hurry to get it done and get out riding.

Trobairitz - WWFD - LOVE IT! I keep roaming with my camera looking for 'picture worthy' pics to post, it's been pretty easy so far, but I think come day 20 I am going to get scratching my head trying to think of what to snap pics of.

SonjaM said...

What a great picture of Scarlett sparkling in the sun. We went for a several hours hike today instead. I needed to feel the warmth on my face and my skin more than I needed riding... lets just have more of those lovely days.

Dar said...

Sonja - I hope the sunshine & warmth continues as well. I was starting to get a little sad & needed to recharge. My mood has lifted considerably since going for a ride today. YAY sun!

Raftnn said...

Looking good...wait till sumer arrives then there will be no stopping you!


VStar Lady said...

So jealous - it's just not quite riding season here yet - Driveway still ice covered. Glad to see you're getting aquainted with Scarlett though.

bluekat said...

Awesome to get out for a ride. The day looks beautiful!

I think I have yet to post only one photo per post. Don't think there was any rule sayin' you couldn't post more! :)