Sunday, March 25, 2012

Glorious riding weekend! Spring IS here!

This weekend was spectacular!  Saturday I met up with Lucy's new riding partner and Kiwi_Deb, we rode out to Sidney and had coffee.  Kiwi_Deb had to buzz up island on an errand, so KisbeyD an I decided to continue to ride on.  It was a lovely day.  Spring is definitely here because everything two wheeled was out on the road.

 This is Lucy's new riding partner and she is completely in love with Lucy!  Yay! Scarlet, Lucy and Rascal had a playdate.  We are waiting for Kiwi_Deb and then we were off.

Today was a day meant for chores, but of course it was beautifully sunny and I could hear the siren song of the road singing to me.  I had already heard from my one partner in crime she was off to Jordan River for a nice ride, but I really needed to clean the house.  I also decided to let Motorcycle Man take Scarlet for a ride because Monster wasn't ready to go for her first trip of the riding season.  He surprised me though and came back with insurance for Monster.  Motorcycle Man announced we were going to ride over the Malahat.  This is a big deal for me because it is a big highway and the main artery on Vancouver Island.  This stretch of road is notorious at times due to centre line incursions resulting in head on accidents.  This highway is beautifully scenic on sunny days.  KisbyD joined us and this was a weekend of firsts for her, we travelled several roads this weekend and I think we put about 300km's on our bikes.  It was glorious riding to the top of the Malahat and taking in the breath taking vista.

    Looking up towards Sidney on Vancouver Island.
       Miss Scarlet I presume.....
      Lucy and Monster - Reunited again.....
  Motorcycle Man and KisbyD talking about the overdrive gear on the bikes.
     KisbyD and Me!

    Look at all the pretty bikes lined up in a row.

Of course as with anything we do when biking, we always stop and have a cup of the demon bean and a snack, and then it was off to home.  I love riding with Motorcycle Man, he is a good riding partner and it is just plain fun being out on the road with him.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pixelated! "Patiently Waiting for Spring Challenge"

I am pixelated!  Waiting for spring seems to be a little tedious come March.  I stare out my window at the schizophrenic weather that is happening outside I sigh and think, "When is it going to be warm?"  Today the weather was manic, we had high winds, dark grey clouds, heavy rain, sun and rainbows, most of this was happening at the same time.  But there are signs of spring everywhere, birds are chirping like crazy, the trees are in blossom and daffodils and tulips are poking through the dirt.  This is my contribution to
Trobairitz's blog challenge. I love challenges!

               My Quince tree coming into blossom

 Me at work finishing up a long day.  This was the first time I ever tried the self timer.  Wow I like to live on the edge.

Trobairitz's Blog challenge

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Farewell to my first bike love - Miss Lucy

                                                     I  LOVE  LUCY!!!!

Last night I sold my first bike - Lucy.  Motorcycle Man bought her last October for me so I would have a bike to practice with and ride (this was because he didn't want me hurting his bike Monster).  We were out in the practice parking lot and I almost dumped poor Monster when trying to do a quick stop.  That was the last time in my learning phase that I rode Monster.  We had been looking at plenty of bikes and I knew she was mine the moment I sat on her.  Thank you Lucy for being so forgiving and being my first bike!  I will miss her, but she doesn't live that far from me, so Scarlet and I can visit from time to time.

 We were getting Lucy ready to go to her new home and riding partner.  Both Motorcycle Man and I felt a little sad, but are happy she is going to somewhere she will be loved and ridden.

              Was that a moto tear I just saw fall? 
 Motorcycle Man had to drive Lucy over to her new home because I twisted my ankle on Monday morning and was having trouble walking and couldn't get my motorcycle boot on.  This is probably a good thing because it was my 'landing' foot.  So it was kind of sad for me not being able to have a goodbye ride.
 This Lucy's new riding partner.  Don't they look perfect together?  They look like they were made for each other.  Lucy you be a good girl now and behave for your new friend. 

Monday, March 12, 2012

Black and white simplicity

      Okay the top two have a little color to them. 

 I love taking black and white pictures, I love the contrast and shading.  This was just a little jaunt to the beach.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

It was only supposed to be a trip to the grocery store....10 minutes honest.

   This lovely Japanese Cherry tree has come into blossom it is on Wharf Street in downtown Victoria.

Yesterday I met up with Kiwi_Deb and we drove out to Starbucks in Sidney and had a lovely chat & cup of the demon bean.  Of course we took the long twisty route. :) *cheesy grin* Today I needed to run to the store and pick up some goodies for dinner and of course I had to take a little meander on the way.  I stopped in the Inner Harbour to snap some pics and who should I meet up with but Kiwi_Deb.  So of course we had to take the *long route* to the grocery store.  Poor Motorcycle family, they know when I saw 5 minutes it usually more, particularly if I happen to bump into a Moto Mama on the way it usually leads to more than just a few minutes of riding.  Like I said before, Motorcycle Man didn't know what kind of Pandora's motorcycle box he was opening when he bought that little 50 cc scooter last year.

 Statues in the square on Wharf Street
are dedicated to the Royal Canadian Navy's 100th anniversary.

 This art sculpture is in front of the Victoria Tourist info centre.  Each year sculptures are created and then auctioned off for charity.  They have done whales and spirit bears in the past.  I love how colourful this particular piece.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spring is definitely here on the Island - Woo Hoo!!!

"Warmed by the sun" Yay! that is what I am waiting for!  Today was a gorgeous spring day, it started out chilly, but it was beautiful outside.  The birds are back from their southern vacation and in the morning it is a cacophony of bird song.  I love hearing all the little birds sing and warble.  This is a definite sign that spring is here. Another sign of spring is every once in awhile you get a whiff of chicken manure that the city has used to fertilize the boulevard gardens.  We are also starting the annual Victoria flower count.  Last year there wasn't much to count because of the weather.  Just that small amount of sunshine and the trees are ready to burst into bloom.  I have to say I am so happy that there is light at the end of the winter tunnel, I think because I bike/scooter commuted all winter that it makes it feel like it has been dragging on forever.  I am not complaining really, because most of my 2 wheeling compatriots are dealing with snow and parked motorcycles and scooters.  The end of winter is in sight, just hang in there and you will be tearing up the twisties before you know it!

                                    Japanese Cherry tree blossoms on the boulevard.

Today I met up with Kiwi_Deb for our usual ride home.  It was spectacular being in lovely sunshine.  We took our usual beach side route and stopped at the top of Beacon Hill park and enjoyed the sun & took some pictures.