Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Today is PinkShirtDay in support  of Anti Bullying.  Have you got your pink on?

Start the conversation with your kids about bullying and keep talking to your kids.  If you have young children teach them that bullying is wrong.  Tell your kids if they are being bullied they need to talk to you about it or an adult they trust.  By staying silent the victimization continues and the bully wins. 


#29 #29in29 Moto Brain

This is what your brain looks like when you are addicted to everything motorcycle.  (it's only plastic) Heh, heh, heh, I can hear some of you now - "Ewwww that is gross" I know, but it's day 29 in Fuzzy Galore's #29in29 photo blog challenge I have had a lot of fun venturing forth with the camera and have been wracking my brain to find different things to take pictures of.  So what does one do when they work in a brain doctor's office - you look around and find props and this happened to be sitting on the shelf.

I was reading a study that was posted on the web about motorcyclists who ride daily they seem to have better cognitive function and critical thinking skills.  We all knew that though didn't we?!  So while some are toiling away a Suduko I think I will go find a good twisty road to ride.  Yup I am definitely moto addicted.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

#28 #29in29 If I water it will it get bigger?

 Some of you have had some really funky quirky large statues - Amos the the Giant Amish Dude, Fuzzy's tiki kinda of statue, Troubadour and Bluekat's Paul Bunyon and Babe.  The quirkiest thing I could find in Victoria was the giant watering can in Beacon Hill Park.  I actually contemplated rolling Scarlet up under the spout, but I knew as soon as I rolled one tire onto the grass in the park the coppers would have been nailing me for breaking some bylaw or other.  I know that they wouldn't get it;if I said to them, "This is for Fuzzy Galore's moto photo blog challenge, I just had to do it and I am 2 days short of finishing the challenge officer."  I think they would look at me like I had blown a tire or two and carted me off to the looney bin.  It's too bad it wasn't warmer out because I know where there is a giant gnome up island that I could have parked Scarlet in front of,I guess I will have to wait for my summer moto adventures to do that.  

So do you think if I water Scarlet you 
will grow into a 750???

Monday, February 27, 2012

#27 #29in29 Winter winds still blow

These pictures were from Sunday.  It was sunny in the morning and as with everything in winter change comes quickly, we went from sunny to dark heavy clouds filled with moisture.  It started to snow and I was sad because I wasn't going to get out on the bike today at all.  Deb and I planned on a ride in the sunshine and at one point it looked as if it wasn't going to happen at all.  We opted for a short ride and ended up at Oak Bay Marina. The clouds soon became heavy looking again and I was worried about it starting to snow.  The wind picked up and it was down right chilly.  We stopped long enough to snap some pictures and then off we went to our homes.  When I got home Scooterpie Junior wanted to go do some scooter practice in the parking lot.  Our Sensei Motorcycle Man was more than willing to take another eager student.  While she went around the lot as Motorcycle Man put her through her paces I took the opportunity to practice some quick stops, a few u-turns and riding on a straight line.  Then off I went to get gas for Scarlet.  On my return Junior showed me her new skills and I really have to say she is a natural and it is almost like she was born on two wheels.

Kiwi Deb taking a picture of me taking her picture. lol We are so goofy together.

                                       One of my little friends...

                                        Snow clouds?!

I was so cold when I got home and when I took off my socks, my toes were blue!  Only kidding.

#27 #29in29 Fuzzy Galore's photo blog challenge

Sunday, February 26, 2012

#26 #29in29 Wax on - Wax off & no flying crane pose either

                                  Wax On - Wax Off.  

So what does a girl do on a brilliant sunny day instead of riding? She cleans her bike of course! I really wanted to go riding today, but I needed to pay some attention to Miss Scarlet.  I haven't had a chance to wax her since I got her for Christmas, its been too cold - I have to say I did entertain the thought on Christmas morning.......

Motorcycle Man couldn't believe his eyes when he came around the corner and saw me comfortably perched on a rubbermaid stool polishing Miss Scarlet.  I have waxed and polished just about every inch of her.  When Motorcycle Man and I were dating I used to help him detail his bike, it really wasn't much fun, but he told me for every hour of riding you seriously need to give attention to cleaning and maintaining the bike as well.  Well taught Master Sensei.  The only problem was Motorcycle man used to sneak into the house on a quest for toothbrushes, he used those for all the little nooks & crannies - and it was usually my toothbrush that was sacrificed.  Bwahhahahah!  Today I almost had my evil revenge!  I decided against using the hub's toothbrush however, because we have a sonic care tooth brush and I wasn't willing to sacrifice a $15 replacement head.  But I thought about it - evil grin comes across my face! 

See how Scarlet is gleaming!  I cleaned and waxed everywhere my little fingers could wedge themselves into.  I was running out of time so I didn't get to detail the wheels, but that is on my list for the next shine session.  (I also have a toothbrush ready for this) Someone was coming to look at Lucy today to see if she might be their first bike!  How exciting!  I sure hope she loves Lucy.

I even waxed the kickstand.... Yup I've got a bad case of moto love, I can tell you I have never ever willingly waxed my car or even Motorcycle Man's bike.

This nasty little piece of business is on the pipe coming from the engine right up by the foot brake.  The gal who owned the bike before me had a habit of resting the toe of her boot against the hot pipe and melted the boot onto the pipe several times.  At first we thought it was rust, but upon inspection Motorcycle man knew we could get it off with a little elbow grease and Autosol.  It was actually about 7 inches long give or take and the hubs worked on it for a little while.  Today I took a run at it and sat patiently working away at it and now it is all gone and gleaming in that spot.  It was a good day to be out in the sunshine cleaning the bike, although it was a little chilly when the wind picked up.  Tomorrow if it is sunny I think I am going for a ride with Kiwi Deb.

Yup it was a good day, in fact it was pretty relaxing.  Scarlet is gleaming in the sunshine.  I did however hear a few grumpy whispers coming from underneath the motorcycle cover on Vixen who was parked nearby, there seems to be a bit of moto jealousy going on.  But she can't complain because I have waxed and detailed her quite a few times and on the next sunny day I am sure she will get her turn.

#26 #29in29 - Click here for ** Fuzzy Galore's blog photo challenge

Saturday, February 25, 2012

#25 #29in29 Baa Baa Black Sheep

You can tell spring is here, it's lambing season.  On Thursday after work I went for a long ride out to Metchosin.  I was thrilled when I saw these cute little woolly lambs.  I am particularly fond of black sheep.  It was hard sneaking up & taking pictures because Scarlet has a rather loud engine noise.  I tried but I ended up scaring the heck of them and the momma sheep were not impressed with me.  One of them let out a very plaintive "Baaaaaaaa" to call her baby baa away from the fence.  I stood for awhile and waited  and let the dust settle.  This little guy could have cared less, I think he is the 'bad ass' lamb who is going to do what he wants, when he wants because he wasn't listening to his mom when she was calling him.

Spring is here!!!!!!

         Still trying to figure out why they have spray painted numbers on them.  

Fuzzy Galore's blog challenge #29in29 #25

Friday, February 24, 2012

#24 #29in29 Bridge deconstruction

A few blog posts ago I took some pictures of the scooter and motorcycle in front of the Johnson Street bridge, the bridge is affectionately known as 'Big Blue'.  Time is running out very rapidly for Big Blue as there is going to be a replacement bridge built.  This bridge has served the communities of Victoria and Vic West well.  Right now the city is in the process of deconstructing the rail bridge portion and then will move onto the car deck.  It has been very interesting watching the decommissioning process and a little sad.

#24 Fuzzy Galore's #29in29 photo blog challenge

Thursday, February 23, 2012

#23 #29in29 Vixen

I lucked out today in my moto rambling!!!  I found this sign above a hair salon on Wharf Street in Victoria.  Bob found a Scarlet sign for my lovely Shadow Scarlet.  Today was my other moto loves turn, my scooter Vixen.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

#22 #29in29 Signs of Moto Spring

                          Sure sign of spring, little blossoms and snow drops!

Few things make the heart of a motorcyclist and scooterist happier than anything is  sunshine and twisties.  Spring is rapidly drawing closer and this Moto Diva is eagerly, anxiously and happy anticipating spring's arrival.  I am dreaming of tearing up the twisties, going for long rides where I don't have to hermetically seal myself from the elements.  We are all tired of the drudge of winter with either rain or snow and I think I can say for my fellow West Coasters we are tired of grey skies and rain.  Its funny last night I was sitting at a meeting and a few people commented on how nice winter has been, I replied, "It's only mild and lovely when you are sitting in a  warm car commuting on a cold wet rainy day." Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side of the commuting coin.