Wednesday, February 8, 2012

#9 #29in29 Wiarton Willie may be right! Love that rodent!

Dare I even believe my eyes?!  Those would be buds waiting to blossom into springtime loveliness!

The Canadian groundhog Wiarton Willie of Wiarton, Ontario is predicting an early spring.  He is at odds with his American cousin Puxsutawney Phil who retreated back into his burrow, which could mean another 6 weeks of winter if you trust the shifty little bugger.  Okay its a cute idea, but really people why would you trust a rodent with long yellow teeth, who would probably rip your hand off if you shoved said hand into his burrow to yank the smelly little beastie from his winter sleep? Motorcycle Man tells me that I am down right snarkificious if you wake me up from my slumbering.  I am usually not very friendly until I have at least 1 cup of the demon bean to get me going.  (I actually thought I was a ray of morning sunshine, but those around me say NOPE)

What if Puxsatawney Phil was just a lazy wanting to sleep-in type groundhog OR he was tired from a big ground hog party the night before and too many shots of tequila?  I wonder if they are mistaking his retreat as a groundhog hangover and him being in dire need of a cup of the demon bean?  You just never know. (I am taking cold medicine, this could explain the randomness of the post - or not.  Humming the Benylin song to myself as I write this)

                              My Demon Bean of choice Fernwood Coffee Strongback blend

I think I will side with Wiarton Willie he seems to be a bit more optimistic and got up on the right side of the burrow.  Early Spring - Yeah Baby! See ya on the road tearing up the twisties!

    For those of you who live on Vancouver Island, this is the end of the Twisties in East Sooke.  

This picture was taken just after my first experience riding twisties with Motorcycle Man - LOVED IT

#9 #29in29 Picture blog challenge created by FuzzyGalore, click the link to see her blog posts & pics.


ToadMama said...

LOVE your snowman! And that shot of you is cool, too.

Adrian from YouMotorcycle said...

Look at you all cute and shtuff in your gear with the pretty flowers and the pretty buds (is that a cherry tree?) - awesome!

kiwi_deb said...

Hey Miss Scarlett - love the picture of you in your pink jacket. Is that motomans bike behind you? hehehe Hope you are feeling beeter.

Dar said...

Toad mama - Thanks! My hubby to that pic, it was a fabulous day.

Adrian - yup that is a cherry tree blossom. Sadly I no longer have the pink gear, it leaked like crazy.

Deb - Motorcycle Man was taking the picture. Feeling pretty icky. Slept all day. Hope this goes away soon, I want to ride m bike.