Tuesday, February 28, 2012

#28 #29in29 If I water it will it get bigger?

 Some of you have had some really funky quirky large statues - Amos the the Giant Amish Dude, Fuzzy's tiki kinda of statue, Troubadour and Bluekat's Paul Bunyon and Babe.  The quirkiest thing I could find in Victoria was the giant watering can in Beacon Hill Park.  I actually contemplated rolling Scarlet up under the spout, but I knew as soon as I rolled one tire onto the grass in the park the coppers would have been nailing me for breaking some bylaw or other.  I know that they wouldn't get it;if I said to them, "This is for Fuzzy Galore's moto photo blog challenge, I just had to do it and I am 2 days short of finishing the challenge officer."  I think they would look at me like I had blown a tire or two and carted me off to the looney bin.  It's too bad it wasn't warmer out because I know where there is a giant gnome up island that I could have parked Scarlet in front of,I guess I will have to wait for my summer moto adventures to do that.  

So do you think if I water Scarlet you 
will grow into a 750???


bobskoot said...


you find the neatest stuff. Go ahead, ride on the grass, no one will notice . . . be dareing

Riding the Wet Coast

Richard Machida said...

Very nice find. I guess I like to see this kind of stuff.

SonjaM said...

This is fun, I guess I would have dared to wheel my Vespa there... great catch. Not sure about the growing into a bigger bike though? With all the rain we get your bike should already be a 1600cc by now.

Dar said...

Bob - I have already rolled my scoot up on a side walk and the police came by and asked me not to do it - oops. Once bitten twice shy. When I am daring it gets me into trouble.

Richard - Wait until I post the pic of the giant gnome!!!

Sonja - LOL I agree it should be ginormous by now with all the rain. If I was riding the scoot I would have rolled her up the side walk into the water park.

Troubadour said...

If you can push a bicycle on the sidewalk you can push a motorcycle, as long as the motor isn't running. Trust me ;)

Fuzzy said...

That have to catch you first!!!


This is great! I've so enjoyed your posts all month long!

bobskoot said...


I found that Giant Gnome in Nanoose bay. Also in Victoria there is the Cadborosaurus, and the Pink Whale. Now get your camera and get going . . .

Riding the Wet Coast

Dar said...

Troubadour - I guess if you are pushing it, it's technically not motorized is it? Lol hmmmmm leads me to some strategic plotting......

Fuzzy - I have had so much fun and it has made February so much more fun! I have loved reading everyone's posts and sharing snippets of their lives.

Bob - Your right, need to go do some more picture hunting!

kiwi_deb said...

Dar good photo hunt. I have some pretty cool places to show you over my way and.......we wont let anyone down because...ta daaa... moto mamas are mischievous and are probably going to be getting into trouble as the warmer weather approaches. I like this photo blog. I wish I had done it too.

ToadMama said...

Oh, I love the giant watering can! Looking forward to the gnome. :-)