Thursday, October 9, 2014

Evening Autumn tootle

We have had the most amazing summer and it has stretched through to October.  Today we reached a spectacular 20C, normally we are in the low teens.  
Tonight I was on my way to a meeting, and the views were stunning at the meeting venue. So I took a few minutes to catch the sunset and capture the totems in the twilight.
There are spectacularly carved totem poles by Songhees First Nations carvers. This is their rendition of a loon. 
I love Vancouver Island we have a rich diverse history and cultural melting pot. 

The sunset was breathtaking.
This is one of the exquisitely carved chief's poles.  The Songhees culture is beautiful and their carving is beautiful.  I was told that each totem is blessed and captures the spirit of the people, a prayer is said at the beginning of the carving and at the conclusion.  Also First Nations peoples think of the cedar trees the poles are carved from are alive and filled with spirit.