Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Victoria Snow (drops that is)

Winter on the West Coast is fairly benign for the most part.  We do get freezing temperatures and sometimes a little snow.  This year I decided not to ride and cancelled my insurance, of course as is usual the weather became mild.  Darn I should have left it insured!  

Most of Canada and the US are locked in extreme cold, snow and ice.  Us not so much it's rainy & foggy, but the sun did peek out a little and Pupzilla and I ventured out & stumbled across some snow (drops).  Our island ski resort closed today because of lack of the white stuff.  

Pupzilla likes to stop & smell flowers.  

Monday, January 13, 2014

Victoria winter

Our winter is turning out to be a typical West Coast winter with lots of rain and wind.  Old man winter gave us a few blasts with a dusting or two of snow and some very unusually cold temps in December with a few days of -19.

Saturday was particularly blustery with high winds and rain.  This didn't stop poocha and I heading out for a water front walk, but halfway through poocha held a revolt and sat down and refused to walk further.  She was soaked to the skin and shivering, so it was off to home for a warm bath and puppy treats.

 The sun did poke through for all of 2 minutes and then the deluge began.

She had a lovely little dog coat on, but it was saturated and weighed more than her at that point.  It was actually making her colder.

Unimpressed, but happily ensconced in the car for a ride home.