Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Life is too busy! Time to slow it down!

It seems I have fallen off the blog train and into oblivion.  It is not for lack of wanting to blog, but more like my life is too busy and getting in the way of sitting behind the keyboard and generating content.  I'm not sure what I am going to do with Princess Scooterpie blog at this point.

Update on what's up with me, it has been a very busy year and it has been filled with personal/professional growth and a few health challenges thrown in on top (nothing dire) just physically challenging.

I have spent a good chunk of the early part of 2018 studying and upgrading my motorcycle instructor skills, which included three teaching practicums, two in the classroom theory portion of our curriculum and one for motorcycle traffic class for a two day 16 hour guided riding session for our newly graduated novice (basic) motorcycle students.  I passed my three practicums with flying colours and haven't really looked back too much since then, actually I've been too busy to look back or do much else since undertaking this in the spring. 

It has been an extremely busy year teaching for me.  Our season is drawing to a close and to date I have taught 4 novice classes & a theory class, which encompasses two weekends per course, 5 Theory A introductory sessions for would be students, and 6 two day traffic classes, as well as numerous extra training sessions for students who need a little more seat time to work on skills. This year alone I have taught or mentored about 100 students through the course of teaching in 2018, that's a lot of teaching!  Add onto this my full time job, and I have to  say I am  feeling worn a little thin, so I am actually kind of happy that this weekend will be my final traffic class as the season comes to a close. 

I didn't get in very much riding for pleasure at all, which saddens me quite a bit, and next year I will be needing to find a better balance to my work life.  My hub and I didn't get in too many adventures together either due to my schedule and we need to remedy that, as he has a new to him BMW F800GT, which is pretty exciting for him and I'm still trying to figure out how to pry the keys from his hands and take it for a rip, he is a little protective of it.  During the summer we did escape on two mini adventures, the first was in June when we rode up to Tofino for a weekend getaway and the second was in August where we escaped to ride the Sea to Sky Highway and Duffy Lake Rd t& Thompson Okanagan, we were planning at least a week on the road, but the forest fire situation in BC quickly curtailed that and we rode about 1,000km in two days and called it a day due to the heavy smoke/ash from the majority of our province being on fire, so that was that.

After we returned and hub went back to work, I took on another novice course and unfortunately hurt my right knee.  At first we thought it was a meniscal or ligament tear, and after a week being laid up and not being able to ambulate well an MRI was ordered and visit to an orthopedic specialist.  The findings are not what I was expecting acute osteoarthritis with the meniscus being displaced. The MCL and ACL were not torn and were intact, that is the good news. However, the structure of my knee is not very happy at the moment, I have narrowing in the joint canal, edema in the surrounding structures and a joint effusion.  What this means is that there is nothing surgical to fix at this point and is going to keep on declining because of it being osteoarthritis.  In retrospect if there had been torn ligaments or meniscal tear, it would have been easier to manage. The current treatment plan is to moderate activity with low impact exercise, wearing a brace for walking/hiking, I guess there goes my budding basketball career - just kidding. I am going to see the orthopod for some cortisone injections and synvisc (hyluronic acid) joint lubrication injection.   All of this may have a large impact on teaching motorcycling due to the amount of walking and stop/go impact that I sustain through teaching and adding the physicality of pushing motorcycles around.  So life might be getting a little slower for me in the near future with regards to teaching, and that has me feeling sad, but on a brighter note I can still ride and it has impacted my seat time.

So now I'm gearing up for winter and the quieter time of the year and actually looking forward to a little bit of down time and maybe I can get the knee to settle a bit more and get into a more comfortable state and start building up muscles with some pool therapy and low impact exercise. 

All in all though despite the wee knee setback, I have had a really good year and am excited about adventures for next year.