Sunday, September 29, 2013

Oh what a blustery day!

The storm season has officially begun.  The island has been hit by torrential rain and fierce gusty winds.  A wind warning has been issued for Victoria with gusts expected to reach 100km/h (62m/h).  

The hub and I took the doggis for a walk and went to survey the local marina where float homes are moored and everything was rocking'n'rolling down there, brings back fond memories of being up all night retying mooring lines on our floathome and worrying about the dock coming apart.  That is one thing I don't miss about floathome living.

It was a good thing poocha was on her leash, because otherwise she may have been lifted away.  We are tucked back inside snuggled under a blankie now.

As Winnie The Pooh would say "Oh what a blustery day" 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New sunglasses and evening ride

They arrived and are perfect!  I can't believe the difference prescription sunglasses make! Holy Hannah I can see EVERYTHING!!!! I decided on copper/rose lenses and it turned out to be the right choice because when going from bright to shade it is easier on my eyes.

We rode to Esquimalt Lagoon and it is beautiful at sunset.  Birds congregate here swans, Canadian Geese, ducks of all varieties and of course seagulls.  

I actually love fall, all the vibrant colours and different smells, wood smoke, the tang of leaves and the loamy dampness of the soil.  The one thing I truly don't like about Fall is saying goodbye to the extra daylight and the warmth of the sun.  It's hard when you have had such a stellar summer and then anticipating the cold and wet winter.  

When it got dark I switched out to these babies.  I did experience a bit of visual disturbance in the twilight still trying to adjust to the new Rx.  It will come and I think I will hang on to my old specs for a bit.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Oh say can you see???

Every year a couple of weeks after my birthday I notice my vision getting a little fuzzier.  I could delay no longer and did the deed and booked an eye appointment.  I wear glasses, but over the last few years struggled with a 'progressive' lense and could never find the sweet spot in the lense, driving was always miserable with them, reading impossible, so it seems I am in the small percentage of people who can't wear them.  

This leaves me with little options, I now have a prescription for distance and reading = 2 pairs of glasses.  I have never tried contacts bit am seriously considering this, the quirky thing would be that one lense would be for reading & the other for distance.  Not sure what this will be like for riding or if it is going to completely mess up my eyeballs, but I am not going to rush into this yet.  I contemplated laser surgery, but that is not in the budget right now.  

I also needed to save some money because as most spectacle wearers know it is very expensive nowadays to get glasses.  I decided not to get them from my optician because for the 3 pairs I needed (reading, distance & sunglasses) it was going to cost well over $1600 and change - YIKES!  

I decided to give Costco a try and so far I am pretty happy with my new specs.  I am waiting for the sunglasses to arrive I bought retro Rayban wayfarer style glasses.  So here is the amazing part for 3 pairs  of specs it was $384 all in, quite the difference from $1600.  I am happy with the lense quality and frame choices.  

Monday, September 16, 2013

Missing a little furry friend.

A year ago today my little friend passed away. I miss you just as much now and you are still very loved Muggie.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Tires and these don't mix

Friday night I was out for a tootle with my girlfriends and we were hitting the moto zen groove when my friend noticed something shiny on my tire.  At first she thought it was bird poop, but on closer inspection it was a nail.  So that curtailed the rest of my ride.  I am glad it didn't do the tire in, particularly when I was zinging down the highway at speed.  Motorcycle Man popped the tire off and took it to the dealer and they repaired it for $54, money well spent, the mechanic fixes all the tired for the race bikes in town.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Late summer evening

I have been back to work from vacation for a week and am already counting the days until next year.  Doggis and I went for a lovely stroll tonight and watched the sunset. 

Hope you all had a good summer.