Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New sunglasses and evening ride

They arrived and are perfect!  I can't believe the difference prescription sunglasses make! Holy Hannah I can see EVERYTHING!!!! I decided on copper/rose lenses and it turned out to be the right choice because when going from bright to shade it is easier on my eyes.

We rode to Esquimalt Lagoon and it is beautiful at sunset.  Birds congregate here swans, Canadian Geese, ducks of all varieties and of course seagulls.  

I actually love fall, all the vibrant colours and different smells, wood smoke, the tang of leaves and the loamy dampness of the soil.  The one thing I truly don't like about Fall is saying goodbye to the extra daylight and the warmth of the sun.  It's hard when you have had such a stellar summer and then anticipating the cold and wet winter.  

When it got dark I switched out to these babies.  I did experience a bit of visual disturbance in the twilight still trying to adjust to the new Rx.  It will come and I think I will hang on to my old specs for a bit.


SonjaM said...

Dar, I believe we feel the same about fall, and the smells and colours that go with the change of season. Although I never look forward to winter, it is fall which is my favourite season.

Brenda said...

I love those seasons that are changable .. spring and autumn, but like you I do miss the extra daylight in autumn and the thought of winter is a bit depressing. Love the birds, are those white swans as vicious as our Black ones .. I got chased by one once and have never been game to get close to one since, they are big!

David Masse said...

Love both pairs, you look great!

I don't have a problem with progressives, thankfully.

My sunglasses are very old Rayban aviators. So old that they were "in", then "out", and now they're back "in". They are also prescription, with the darkest tint the law allows.

I love them.

Shybiker said...

Yay! Great sunnies. You look like a celebrity.

Linda Rodriguez said...

I love Fall - so many things happening and all the little critters are busy getting prepared too

Richard M said...

Fall is nice and colorful but it's hard to enjoy knowing what is just around the corner. I've tried prescription sunglasses once when there was a two for one sale, but didn't use them much. Even though they looked dark initially, it seemed that my eyes adapted and things quickly looked the same.

Trobairitz said...

Nice shades Dar.

Good job on getting out for a ride. Evening rides will be more rare as it gets darker earlier.

We are set for two days of sun before our rains return on Saturday. Sigh - it isn't supposed to rain on the weekend.

bob skoot said...


I love the way you look . . . and your glasses don't look bad either

supposed to rain starting late Friday and continue all weekend

I have glasses that turn dark by themselves and I have a built-in sunscreen in my helmet

amazing what you notice when you are able to see

Riding the Wet Coast

VStar Lady said...

Fall is absolutely fabulous and maybe my favorite season ... From a riding aspect it is too bad that winter follows, except I can't help getting caught up in the joy of the first snowfall. I love the moonlight when it makes the snow sparkle like diamonds and I love walking, watching the smoke curl up from the chimneys into the crisp air ... but then I love spring too with its musky newness of earth reborn. Oh, I love summer for even more reasons .... LET'S FACE IT DAR - we are so lucky to be able to enjoy the beauty of all the seasons aren't we?
(By the way - cool new shades.)

Coop a.k.a. Coopdway said...

Well it looks like I'll have to stick with your blog Dar to learn (and then follow) about total eye care. Not only do your specs look great, they appear to be working for you.

I've worn lenses since I was 7, near sighted and some astigmatism. Tried hard lenses back before soft's would fit my eyes....there won't be anymore of THAT. I keep wondering, though not very hard, about LASIK.

Had progressives now for a dozen years and continue to put up with them but shouldn't. Maybe all of your (and others) comments will get me off my butt to do something else. My sunnies are clip-ons, the only time I wear them is for riding. I should wear them more.

Dar said...

I am glad you all like my new specs and sunnies! I have to wear the sunnies more because of potential eye health issues. Still might get contacts and try progressives again.