Saturday, February 13, 2016

Brave Bold Blogger Challenge #13

Today's post in the challenge is a pic of your bike or car. The Duchess is patiently waiting for me to bring her out of hibernation mode, but I'm still waiting for monsoon season to stop or at least let-up. I really don't mind riding on the rain, I've got all the gear so I am fairly hermetically sealed from the elements, but for me it's the other drivers who aren't at their best in winter weather and not expecting me out on the road. But I have been riding out at my riding school & prepping for the upcoming novice teaching season. 

Friday, February 12, 2016

Brave Bold Blogger Challenge #12 'What event are you most looking forward to?'

What I am most looking forward is teaching my first novice motorcycle class on the long weekend in May.  It is going to be three full days of moto immersion, normally this would be over two weekends. I am stoked because my partner instructor is amazing and I am going to learn a lot! i also get to ride this ultra cool Honda CRF250 with supermoto tires, I love riding this little beast!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Thankful -Brave Bold Blogger Challenge #11

The two people beside me in this picture are what I am most thankful for, my husband and beautiful daughter. They ARE my world. 

I am very thankful for where I live as well, because I am fortunate that Canada believes in rights and freedoms for their citizens. I don't take that for granted ever because there are many places that routinely treat their citizens harshly and abuse and neglect civil rights. 

So I am a pretty lucky human and it is only a twist of fate that allows most of to be born in good countries or bad ones.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Tell a story - Brave Bold Blogger Challenge #10

Well it is story day here on the blog.  

This is a poignant sweet story, I am feeling a little melancholy on this rainy grey winter day and I am missing my furriest little friend Muggins. 

So you may want to grab a tissue, I know I needed one.  

The link to her story is in blue, I have to say this was written at a time of profound sadness for me, but the happy memories far outweigh those feelings now 

Story link here ---->             The Story of Muggins

I miss you little girl, I can see your bright shining eyes and still feel the touch of your fur and your snuggliness. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Boots are made for walking/riding BBBC #9 challenge fave shoes!

Today's BBBC challenge is favourite shoes. Well this is right up my alley because I am a shoe diva! I have two very favourite shoes and couldn't decide because one is function and purpose built, the other is funky and my everyday go to boot. 

Its pretty much a given that motorcycle boots are going to be my cinderella slipper of choice. I took the plunge and bought these Lady Daytona Pilots last August. They are amazing! They give me height, they are extremely comfortable both on and off the bike, so comfortable in fact that I can wear them teaching for 5 hours schlepping across the tarmac after students. Bonus is that they are Goretex which is awesome when you live in a rainy climate. There was also no painful break-in, they fit like a glove!

This is my boot of choice and is my favourite shoe! These are my classic burgundy rub Blundstones. I actually incorporated a bit of spring into the pic, I came across some wildsnowdrops. We are having amazing weather with above average temps. Since last August I have been dealing with a terrible heel issue and these boots solved that problem completely. So I am one very happy motorcycling shoe diva. 
Comfort rules my life, I gave up the stilettos a few years ago. 

Monday, February 8, 2016

Weather -Brave Bold Blogger Challenge (BBBC) #8

Today's weather in Victoria brought to you by BBBC #8. It happens to be a statutory holiday in BC today, its called Family Day.  The weather is certainly cooperating here today and it is extremely mild with a mix of sun and cloud.  It feels like spring! A few more degrees and it will be warm enough to wear shorts and expose my neon white legs to the sun. Seriously I think you could see those babies from space.  Anyway I digress.  

I was greeted with brilliant sunshine and 8C when I let Miss Roolly out this morning.  Just about to head out and soak up some sun with a cup of the demon bean and then off to walk the pup.  The trees have started to bud and soon will burst into blossoms.  The birds are back and it is so lovely to hear their morning songs. So for us I think spring has officially arrived! I just need for some of the rain water to dissipate and then I can cut the grass, its so wet right now that you sink when you walk on the lawn.

Will add a few other weather related pics after my adventures today.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Daydream BBBC #7

When I daydream, I dream about my favorite place Tofino. This is my place, this is where I go to recharge and fill up my soul. I have many daysreams, some are spent on the back of my bike others just are of baking pies or a going out or flying my kite. There are so many things I dream about, some I may attain, others will just remain a daydream.

Late to the party is better than never! Brave Bold Blogger Challenge - 6 AGE (BBBC)

Kathy at issued a challenge called Brave Bold Blogger Challenge - a post for every day in February.  I have to admit I am coming to this party 6 days late, I sometimes am fashionably late to some things. Life is busy right now, better late than never?? 

Someone once said "With age comes wisdom."  Or does it? I think it is more a reflection of hindsight or the fact that we recognize the deep possibilities of consequences that could befall us as a result of actions. We've all been there making decisions big or little and lets face it some have not been great, but others, man oh man they bring us the joie de vivre of life with all its many rewards and challenges. Age definitely influences decisions, a main driver with this is that we usually have someone else in our lives that may live the consequences of our choice. 

I find myself at a very large crossroad in my life, its the intersection of emptynest and what's next. Scooterpie Jr has emerged from her coccoon and is a beautiful butterfly making her way in the wider world, which makes me proud as a mom, but also strangely longing for yesterday and all the 'little moments' along the way. Nostalgia seems to be my constant companion at this point as I keep going back and thinking about the many things over the course of her 18 1/2 years. During her childhood she was my little girl inching each day towards adulthood and the day that 'freedom' would be her ultimate goal and her foray into the ratrace of life.  Its funny because the perceived freedom she is longing for is elusive, for she will never be as free as she was when she was a kid, she just hasn't realized this yet.  We are at the point where decisions for the future are being thought about by both her and me! It is exciting seeing the contrast in our respective lives. 

I am being a little more adventuresome, but not foolhardy, I call it reserved spontaneity, because in the process I now weigh out cause and effect a little more. With the stage I am in now my daughter isn't as dependent on me anymore and is far more independent than I was at her age. This allows me to have more time to me and pursuing things I never dreamt possible.  My middle life has brought great change, challenges, and adventures. I almost feel like a teenager again testing limits. 

I've  come to realze life is a set of stages where we grow, change, or are static at times and then start the process over again. So my question to you is, is age just a number or is it a state of physical wellness or a combination of both?