Saturday, March 30, 2019

Motorcycle anniversary and other assorted loose ends

This is a picture of my first novice class where I was responsible for teaching 10 new students during my practicum.  It was very intense, as a new instructor you are expected to teach the bulk of the curriculum.  It was at times very stressful, other times very fun, and I must say I was extremely happy and relieved when it was over.  I have come quite a way from those early novice classes and enjoy teaching quite a bit.  It was worth all the effort and the rewards of mentoring new motorcyclist is beyond measure and I'm thoroughly grateful to the instructors who mentored me and continue to mentor me.  Hard work really does pay off.

On another note, I kind of lost track of blogging and almost ditched it all because I was having trouble logging in and even posting.  I'm not the most techy person, but in the end it just came down to changing to a more compatible browser. Jeez if only I had figured that out a year ago! So I'm back to blogging! Woot!

I am no longer a part of Farkle Garage and it may be finished as well, tv land is hard and very competitive. It was fun while it lasted and I think I still have some stories to tell, who knows you may see some vlogging and a youtube channel.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Still in the land of the living!

It has been quite awhile since I've created a blog post.  I did a lot of teaching in 2018 and was extremely busy and it left precious little time for blogging, riding, or even free time.  This year is a little different, I'm trying to find a little balance in my life and a little more personal time.  I have frontloaded most of my early classes earlier in the season and a little later in the season.  I am hoping to have a chunk in the middle that I can go on adventures.

It has been an exciting start to the New Year!  I taught my first novice class early in the season and Scooterpie Junior was in the class learning to ride with my partner instructor.  I have to say there is something a little surreal watching your kiddo learning to ride.  At one point I was practicing a bit for a demonstration I was going to be doing and I saw Junior go whizzing by me.  In that blink of the eye I saw my little teeny tiny girl all of a sudden grow-up! It seems just like yesterday that she was a babe coming home from the hospital, my how time flies!

My lovely daughter passed her  motorcycle skills test and has completed part one of her training, now she is waiting for her traffic class which is mid-April.  I have to say I am extremely excited! I can see some beautiful long summer evening rides with my hub and daughter.  Life is definitely coming full circle.