Monday, May 14, 2018

Upgrade! The journey continues!

I have been teaching since January 2015.  Up until this point I have been teaching just novice sessions in the parking lot.  I generally teach 4 to 5 classes a year and there are 10 students in each class, so that's a lot of new students.  I finally made the decision that I wanted to do more and in the very early spring I did a practicum for the classroom theory session and completed that.  The final step was to do a traffic course practicum which consists of two days of guiding riding with 4 students and an instructor assessor. This past weekend was the date!  It was gloriously sunny and hot and all 4 students passed with flying colours and I am sure whenever they shoulder check they will hear my voice in their minds saying "Shoulder check and scan more!". Here's to happy riding and new students!

The adventure continues!