Friday, February 12, 2016

Brave Bold Blogger Challenge #12 'What event are you most looking forward to?'

What I am most looking forward is teaching my first novice motorcycle class on the long weekend in May.  It is going to be three full days of moto immersion, normally this would be over two weekends. I am stoked because my partner instructor is amazing and I am going to learn a lot! i also get to ride this ultra cool Honda CRF250 with supermoto tires, I love riding this little beast!


David Masse said...

Dar you should read Steph Jeavons' blog. She has ridden her Honda CRF250 from the UK on more continents than the vast majority of people will ever set foot on, including Antarctica!

Geoff James said...

All the best for taking your first class - it will be an amazing occasion. David Hough once said to me that the instructor gets far more from it on so many levels than the trainee. He was right on the money and even now, I'm still learning massive amounts every time I go out. It won't ever stop!