Monday, February 8, 2016

Weather -Brave Bold Blogger Challenge (BBBC) #8

Today's weather in Victoria brought to you by BBBC #8. It happens to be a statutory holiday in BC today, its called Family Day.  The weather is certainly cooperating here today and it is extremely mild with a mix of sun and cloud.  It feels like spring! A few more degrees and it will be warm enough to wear shorts and expose my neon white legs to the sun. Seriously I think you could see those babies from space.  Anyway I digress.  

I was greeted with brilliant sunshine and 8C when I let Miss Roolly out this morning.  Just about to head out and soak up some sun with a cup of the demon bean and then off to walk the pup.  The trees have started to bud and soon will burst into blossoms.  The birds are back and it is so lovely to hear their morning songs. So for us I think spring has officially arrived! I just need for some of the rain water to dissipate and then I can cut the grass, its so wet right now that you sink when you walk on the lawn.

Will add a few other weather related pics after my adventures today.


David Masse said...

Welcome aboard! I linked in your posts on my blog. No time even to read right now... back to painting post haste!!

Trobairitz said...

We too have a squishy lawn, but are enjoying some much needed sunshine.

Nice spam in the above comment. How the heck does a post about weather trigger sex links?

Dar said...

Trobairitz -I know! That got deleted. Crazy internet trolls. i seriously don't want to put more moderation on here, but may have to. Ugh. I a, almost nervous about the shoe post.