Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Tell a story - Brave Bold Blogger Challenge #10

Well it is story day here on the blog.  

This is a poignant sweet story, I am feeling a little melancholy on this rainy grey winter day and I am missing my furriest little friend Muggins. 

So you may want to grab a tissue, I know I needed one.  

The link to her story is in blue, I have to say this was written at a time of profound sadness for me, but the happy memories far outweigh those feelings now 

Story link here ---->             The Story of Muggins

I miss you little girl, I can see your bright shining eyes and still feel the touch of your fur and your snuggliness. 


David Masse said...

Oh Dar! Been there, and shed the tears. What a lovely story. Nothing quite matches the love of a good dog.

Shybiker said...

Furry companions are the best friends. Like you, I'll never forget mine. Sympathies to you.

ToadMama said...

Yeah, I knew I shouldn't have read that. It was a sweet tribute to your sweet girl. Mike didn't want any dog either, but he's loved them all just as much as me. Saying goodbye to pets is such a difficult thing. They are all so special in their own ways.