Sunday, September 29, 2013

Oh what a blustery day!

The storm season has officially begun.  The island has been hit by torrential rain and fierce gusty winds.  A wind warning has been issued for Victoria with gusts expected to reach 100km/h (62m/h).  

The hub and I took the doggis for a walk and went to survey the local marina where float homes are moored and everything was rocking'n'rolling down there, brings back fond memories of being up all night retying mooring lines on our floathome and worrying about the dock coming apart.  That is one thing I don't miss about floathome living.

It was a good thing poocha was on her leash, because otherwise she may have been lifted away.  We are tucked back inside snuggled under a blankie now.

As Winnie The Pooh would say "Oh what a blustery day" 


bob skoot said...


same thing over here. Yesterday the skies were like a waterfall. Flooding, downed trees and many power outages, but we weren't affected.

We sure lost the heat fast. Not long ago it was summer and now it's cold

Riding the Wet Coast

VStar Lady said...

Dar, I always thought (after watching Sleepless in Seattle, that a float home would be so romantic ... but your description is just making me seasick and glad that I'm on solid rock. Hope the storms pass and you get a bit of sun.

Dar said...


I know I am already lamenting the winter to come and missing the summer that was :(


Sleepless in Seattle portrays an idyllic lifestyle on the water, but it does come with a downside storms. In the summer it is great, not so much in the winter. The house moves with ocean swell & wind and it's noisy as hell on a stormy night with the sailboat halyards clanking away. It can be a little scary too worrying about your ropes snapping or knots slipping. I spent many a night awake & worried and then summer would come along.

SonjaM said...

We also had a what feels like a typical autumn day... damp and cold, with wind gusts. Definitely fall!

Trobairitz said...

Quite the wild ride our weather has been this last weekend.

Glad everyone up there is okay.

We didn't lose power and luckily haven't flooded but man have we had rain.

Pam said...

How long did you live on a float home? It does sound romantic until you talked about the storms that hit your area!!

Richard M said...

Add me to the list of float home wanabees. You need some stories....

Dar said...

I lived on my floathome for 7 years. It was lovely! I have been digging around trying to find pictures and I unfortunately have a bag of undeveloped film sitting in a cupboard and I have a feeling most of our pictures of it are on that. I did commission a friend to do a water colour of it and I will dig that up and take a pic and post it.

Dar said...

The marina in this picture was where we moored our floathome which was called "The Resting Cloud".