Sunday, September 15, 2013

Tires and these don't mix

Friday night I was out for a tootle with my girlfriends and we were hitting the moto zen groove when my friend noticed something shiny on my tire.  At first she thought it was bird poop, but on closer inspection it was a nail.  So that curtailed the rest of my ride.  I am glad it didn't do the tire in, particularly when I was zinging down the highway at speed.  Motorcycle Man popped the tire off and took it to the dealer and they repaired it for $54, money well spent, the mechanic fixes all the tired for the race bikes in town.


SonjaM said...

Seems to be a disease this year. Glad you caught it before it could cause you trouble.

VStar Lady said...

Canada in summer means construction ... that's how I picked up the same type of nail last year. Luckily it didn't cause a sudden 'leak' for either of us, and the stories ended happily - good karma!

bob skoot said...


so glad that someone noticed it. Don't want to think what could have happened.

Riding the Wet Coast

Deb said...

Yow! I hate it when that happens!

Glad your bud saw it when she did!

Trobairitz said...

Damn, glad it didn't cause anything bad to happen. Good thing your friend noticed it.

Dar said...

I was a very lucky girl!