Monday, February 13, 2012

#13 #29in29 Invisible woman?!

Invisible woman?!  Gear hanging up at work.  The gloves sticking out are my particular favorite part
and it makes me giggle like crazy when I see them.  I don't leave my helmet hanging up, I just put it there for my moto photo.

What a gorgeous sunny day it turned out to be.  Not complaining about the weather anymore because we  are at the start of spring when many places in the country are still coping with full-on winter.  I noticed several Japanese Cherry trees coming into blossom, which is an encouraging sign.  The birds are back and chirping up a storm and that brings warmth to my Moto Diva heart, because I know it is soon going to spring and then summer!

Which do you think is sexier?  The bike or the car - I think you know what my pick is......I was waiting across the street in front of my work for Kiwi Deb aka Moto Mama for a ride on our way home.  We usually meet up and then head off down the scenic sea drive winding down to Dallas Road.  While I was standing out front of the coffee shop a young guy came out to talk bikes with me.  He said Scarlett was a beautiful ride and then I told him it was a 1985 and he didn't believe me.  He was also telling me that he almost bought a small ninja style bike but decided to get a dog instead.  I know.... We talked about riding for a bit and he indicated that he had gone so far as to get his learner's license, but that was it.  I took the opportunity and chatted about taking a riding course before he buys anything and the necessity of gear.  He said he was thinking about it and thinking about a cruiser style bike instead of the 'rocket' style he was going to get.  I laughed and told him my bike goes pretty fast and its comfortable, but to each his own.  I guess in his case man's best friend won out, it must be some kind of dog if it costs as much as a motorbike.  I myself prefer my little foundling rescue doggis, she is a sweetie!

She is such a cutie, she has a thing for laying on any newpaper on the floor.  I think she is a cat in doggis clothing.

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Trobairitz said...

Love the gear hanging up. Invisible woman indeed. Great idea for a photo. Let's hope people can see you when riding though.

Your poochie is so cute. Gotta love fluppy ears. She must like the texture of the newspaper.

SonjaM said...

The invisible woman looks like she's taking a nap ;-)
I am not into cars, hence for me the selection would be the bike at all times, especially if it is such a pretty baby like your Scarlett.

Dar said...

Trobairitz - even though the gear is black it is highly reflective. I have totally unbalanced my pictures by using a flash when someone is taking my picture. However when I am on the highway I wear a traffic vest.

Sonja - lol I know I had my gear laying on the floor in the living room and it scared the heck out of Moto Daughter, she thought it was someone lying there. Lol. The bike wins hands down for me.

Andrew said...

Kinda sucks you're heading into means we're heading towards autumn - and we haven't even had a proper summer yet! It's set to rain all week!

Better get better for next week - road trip!

Dar said...

Andrew - our summer was like that last year, but we had a beautiful autumn, so I guess I can't complain. We have had a very rainy winter with lots of grey sky. I need some sunshine.

bluekat said...

What a cute little gal! Aren't doggies such sweethearts.

Which is sexier? At one time I probably would have said car, but not these days! I still like cars, especially old classics, but it's the bikes that catch my eye!

Good one with the invisible rider! Would that my pile of clothes would look so neat!

ToadMama said...

The bike, of course. It's really that old? Wow. Invisible woman is funny. And rescue doggies are the only way to go! Food and vet bills still add up, though.

Dar said...

Bluekat - the neatness is only an illusion, because at home it is a heap. LOL. Yup she is a cute little dog, I love her to bits.

ToadMama - hard to believe it is that old isn't. Hardly been ridden and babied. Yay for me!