Sunday, February 19, 2012

#19 #29in29 ~ A Moto Diva is born!!!!

Today was the best day out of the weekend, it didn't rain and we actually had some sunshine so we took to 2 wheels.  Motorcycle Man doesn't have anything insured so I happily gave up Scarlet to him and Motorcycle Daughter.  We rode over to the practice parking lot and Motorcycle Man asked if Motorcycle Daughter wanted to have a go at learning to ride Vixen.  She was a little hesitant at first, but he is such a good and patient teacher.  They started out by pushing the scoot sans engine.  She was balancing Vixen perfectly!  She is a natural.  After awhile he had her turn the engine on and they putted around the parkinglot at ultra low speed.  Motorcycle Man had her applying the brakes and touching her feet down.  After awhile she was doing figure 8's, circles and stopping right on the line.  We practiced going in circles & turning.  She had all of this within an hour.  I was pretty impressed with Moto Diva Jr!
She ROCKS!!!

Now for a little game of follow the leader!  Jr was following me around the parkinglot.  She gets the concepts really quickly and what impressed me most was she was shoulder checking!!!!  Yeah Baby!!

 We both came to a graceful stop.  Notice how much longer her legs are, if only I could have a few of those inches life would be so good!!  I am really impressed with my girl and that she was riding & gliding smoothly.  I think Motorcycle Man should think about being an instructor, he is so patient and just has an ease about him when he is showing you how to do it.  He actually said that Jr had the concepts much faster than her momma.  Hey I'm an old dog and she is a young pup.  While Jr was riding around the lot under dad's watchful eye I went took the opportunity to practice emergency stops and work on the friction zone a bit and figure 8's etc.  You can never have enough practice as far as I am concerned.  It was such a great fun afternoon and we topped it off with a nice latte and headed home.
                                     I am the luckiest girl in the world!

#19 29in29 Check out Fuzzy Galore's blog, she is the originator of the #29in29 challenge.


bobskoot said...


You are soooo lucky, she looks like a natural rider. Now you don't have to sell your scooter

Riding the Wet Coast

kiwi_deb said...

Dar, you have a wonderful husband and daughter, I was so happy to have you all over last night. Tell her Im proud of her and she rocks! Tell hubby he rocks too! You are indeed a lucky girl moto mama!

Dar said...

Bob - this completely changes the game it would seem. But I think Kirk is thinking dirt bike to get her used to riding a bit more and balance, clutch & shifting. It was so thrilling to see her ride.

Deb - we had a lovely time last night. I deinitely am a lucky girl and am thankful for the people I have in my life.

George Ferreira said...

Congratulations, quick learner. My daughter just turned 15, soon I will have to teach her to, I hope she likes motorcycles and I have the patience :-)

Dar said...

George - you will have infinite patience with your daughter. When mine is actually closer to licensing etc she will be taking a full fledged novice motorcycle course and traffic course before there will be anything happening on the road. For now we are happy with the parkinglot and are thinking of getting a dirt bike for off road experience. This way she can get the hang of shifting. I some how think its not going to be an issue for her. Thanks for stopping by!

Trobairitz said...

Awesome! Good job on you and hubby for being patient with her. I bet this is the start of a lifelong love of two wheels for her. She looks good rockin' Vixen too. Takes after her Mama there.

Did you notice in the third picture from the top, there is something green coming off the fence and it makes it look like Diva Jr. has a green bendy straw coming out of her helmet.... A cool special effect.

bluekat said...

That's so cool! She looks adorable on the scoot!

I'm also glad you guys got out for a ride today, and the weather cooperated! Yay

SonjaM said...

This is awesome. Motorcycle Diva Jr looks like a natural, and the scooter becomes her.

You are a bunch of great parents!

Dar said...

Trobairitz - She was rockin the scooter! At one point I left to fill up Scarlet because I was feeling a little anxious. When I came back she was scooting with the engine running and pulling off beautiful stops! Yeah Baby!

Bluekat - I am finding with winter you have to live to the fullest on the sunny days and this is exactly what we did. Apparently today is Family day as well, so it was so appropriate that we went motoing.

Sonja - She does look great on it doesn't she?! It won't be long when she will be motoing along with my hub and I. I am actually excited and nervous at the same time. We are going to ensure she is well trained. Before she actually hits the streets she will have to take a novice & traffic motorcycle course. She has designs on the hubs 750, but I hate to break it to her, she is probably going to start out on a 250 CBR or ninja or something along those lines. Now I just have to tell my mum.......

ToadMama said...

That's so cool! Thanks to Trob, I saw the bendy straw, too, which is pretty funny. I love the 8th pic from the top, which looks like the quintessential dad-teaching-daughter how to ride a bicycle. Like he'd just been running behind her, holding on, before finally letting go.

VStar Lady said...

Your photos have captured a very nice and exciting family moment.

Turtle said...

Too cool!
I just knew that that scooter
was going to a good cause soon. :-)

Dar said...

Toadmama & Trobairitz, I saw the green straw - looks like an antena from a remote control car! - lol

VStar Lady - It was a pretty special moment indeed!

Turtle - I am hoping! I road Vixen all afternoon yesterday and she is a great little scooter.

Troubadour said...

That is so cool. You haven't sold Lucy yet have you? You might want to think about keeping her for Diva Jr. to ride.
What's with photo #6? Dad looks a little concerned.
Awesome photos!!! You go girl!!

Dar said...

Troubadour - dad in #6 had just finished about the 4th pushing loop, he was getting pooped. I think we are still going to sell Lucy, I think I would like her to start on a 250 max. I think she is thinking ninja - who am I kidding, she wants her dad's 750. We have quite a ways to go yet. It's at leat a year & a half out before she can take a riding class. We just want to get her used to the idea & see if she will like it. I think the answer will be yes!

Fuzzy said...

So great. So, so, great.

I'm proud of her - i can only imagine how YOU must feel! :)