Sunday, February 5, 2012

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Scarlett in front of Big Blue - Does this pic remind you of another?

I am starting to grow accustomed to my new ride, I have been feeling a little tentative on her.  I am still a new rider and still getting my proverbial motorcycle boots wet.  Yesterday was the first time in two months since I have ridden anything bigger than 50cc and my shifting is a little rusty, but I know it will smooth out with continued riding and more time in the saddle.  It was pretty cool yesterday when I was out riding and pulled up to a light and a girl in a truck beside me leaned way over to look at my bike and then she gave me a thumbs up.  I wonder what the dudes are thinking when they look at me on my bike? Maybe it's; "Hey thats a girl riding that bike, see honey you could do that too."  I remember hearing those very same words out of Motorcycle Man's mouth.  In looking back on it, I think I just didn't feel ready to do it and maybe there was a bit of fear mixed in there.  Actually a whole lot of fear.  It's one thing to be the passenger, but it's a whole different story when you are the one piloting the rocket ship.  

Today I picked up my new riding friend Cindy and we went to visit Kiwi Deb.  It was a beautiful afternoon for a ride and it was very scenic because she lives out in the country.  We had a lovely girlie afternoon sipping Chai Tea and eating goodies. The nicest thing about motorcycling is that you meet the nicest people on 2 wheels.  It is a very friendly community and all are welcome no matter what you ride.  As we were tootling along we passed several other motorcyclists and I have to say giving 'the wave' still gives me a little kick.  I was still feeling a little antsy riding Scarlett and particularly when I am riding with someone, because I still feel like a bike imposter.  I wonder if other new motorcyclists feel the same? I am pretty certain that this feeling will go away at some point.  There are usually two things running through my mind as I am riding 1)  I still can't believe I am doing this!  2)  Holy Hannah is this bike mine?!  I'm still feeling surprised over this gift.  

                                                                             Deb 'Kiwi Deb' Adventure Kiwi blog

After Cindy I parted company, I meant to meander home, but didn't feel quite ready to put Scarlett away.  It was gorgeous and sunny and I was feeling the groove.  I took a quick little side step to down town and down Dallas Road my familiar comfort route.  It's a great route to take because it's 30km/h most of the way.  There are some great sharp turns and lots of stop signs, which gets me used to learning the feel of Scarlett's brakes and how she handles.  You don't always have to be going mach 1 to learn how to handle and manoeuvre your bike. In fact I think if you can master the elementary skills at slow speed and use the friction zone you will be that much better at higher speeds.  I can see plenty of practice in the parking lot coming up and really developing a strong skill set.  I have been mulling over where motorcycling might take me and I think once I get some more experience under my belt I might like to be an instructor.  I actually feel part of the responsibility in riding is sharing your knowledge and role modeling good skills.  So I think my journey may be more than what I had thought in the beginning, which was just a mode of transportation to work, I think it is to share and encourage others to be proficient and artfully skilled riders.  But for now I am content with learning what I need to do and riding in the sunshine with my friends and Motorcycle Man.  BTW did I say how much I like my new bike?!!!  Thanks Motorcycle Man & Moto Daughter for giving me the best present ever !

                                                   Inner Harbour Victoria, BC 

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Trobairitz said...

What a great day.

It is nice that you have some good girlie friends to ride with when Motorcycle Man is busy or has a cold.

BTW - That last picture is really cool with the sun in the trees.

Circle Blue said...

+1 to Trobairitz comment about the last photo. I like that, too.

Glad to see you having some sun and getting out and about.

Dar said...

Trobairitz - one day I will meet up with you & Troubadour and we will go riding. The last pic was just an after thought.
I met these gals at our Riders For Safety planning meeting & they both learned to ride through Vancouver Island Safety Council.

Keith - it has finally been nice enough to really get out and enjoy the bike. We are looking at nice weather until Friday & then it's rain again. Thanks for the kind words about my picture!

kiwi_deb said...

Sigh..I should have got on my bike and come with you! Good for u - u r becoming adventurous as well. Woo hoo Victoria look out the motorcycling mommas are out there on the roads.

Dar said...

Yup Deb you have come. We will go out soon I promise.

SonjaM said...

Somebody is in love... I felt like an imposter, too when I mounted my first motorcycle after 11 years of non riding, and I got excited over every wave at me, and me waving back once I dared to let go of my handle bar.
Parking lot practice will become an ongoing thing for you, especially when beginning the new riding season. I always go back to the beginning and repeat the basics before I go on the road after a break.

Dar said...

Sonja - I am so glad that someone else had the same feeling of being an imposter. Yup I have fallen head over heels in love with my new motorcycle and everything 2 wheeled. I get such a kick out of the 'wave' its so funny to see these big burley bikers waving at little old me - lol. I am going to try and go to the lot at least every couple of days to keep working on everything. I might even buy some dreaded orange mini cones. Yup I am that serious, but then again I think pop cans weighted with sand may work too.

VStar Lady said...

Ah, we all feel like imposters, every one looks like it's easier for them ... remember a little fear is a good thing, keeps you on your toes (so to speak).
Love the sun at the harbour. (5 on, 24 to go)