Monday, February 27, 2012

#27 #29in29 Winter winds still blow

These pictures were from Sunday.  It was sunny in the morning and as with everything in winter change comes quickly, we went from sunny to dark heavy clouds filled with moisture.  It started to snow and I was sad because I wasn't going to get out on the bike today at all.  Deb and I planned on a ride in the sunshine and at one point it looked as if it wasn't going to happen at all.  We opted for a short ride and ended up at Oak Bay Marina. The clouds soon became heavy looking again and I was worried about it starting to snow.  The wind picked up and it was down right chilly.  We stopped long enough to snap some pictures and then off we went to our homes.  When I got home Scooterpie Junior wanted to go do some scooter practice in the parking lot.  Our Sensei Motorcycle Man was more than willing to take another eager student.  While she went around the lot as Motorcycle Man put her through her paces I took the opportunity to practice some quick stops, a few u-turns and riding on a straight line.  Then off I went to get gas for Scarlet.  On my return Junior showed me her new skills and I really have to say she is a natural and it is almost like she was born on two wheels.

Kiwi Deb taking a picture of me taking her picture. lol We are so goofy together.

                                       One of my little friends...

                                        Snow clouds?!

I was so cold when I got home and when I took off my socks, my toes were blue!  Only kidding.

#27 #29in29 Fuzzy Galore's photo blog challenge


bobskoot said...

Oh Dar:

I am in awe ! Now I have to find some blue nailpolish . . .

You're not bashful at all, welcome to the club

Sunday we also experienced; sun, snow, flurries, wind, rain and sun again. The weather was so unpredictable

I'm still wondering . . . why not scarlett nail polish ? Perhaps I can find some in Vancouver. Imagine ME going into a store and asking the "girl" to find some for me. I'm still smiling, thank you

Riding the Wet Coast

Trobairitz said...

Ha, toes were blue. Good one.

I am glad that you have Deb to putter around with and get out for rides. I always enjoy se seeing pics of motorcyclists taking pictures of motorcyclists.

You have some pretty pictures there. I like the ones of the marina with the blue sky peeking in above them. They make me think of a jigsaw puzzle they are so clear.

Dar said...

My dearest friend Shoeless Bob - lol I picked the blue because it was freezing cold out. I do have some Scarlet red polish too and a few other exotic colours. I'm interested in seeing your 'unshoes'!

Trobairitz - LOL - did you see how red my feet were, they were freezing!

Deb and I ride almost every day together, she picks me up at work and off we go. Doesn't it look cold out in the pictures - I know that sound weird, but they are so crisp. It was freezing out yesterday and today.

VStar Lady said...

Beautiful ... I'm picturing summer with the sail boats in the harbour (that is as long as I ignore the snow clouds).

SonjaM said...

Great pics, Dar. You seem to have found a soulmate in the Kiwi lady. Good for you to get out and hit the pavement together. When I came back from Germany it snowed during landing. I was not amused.

ToadMama said...

Lovely, lovely pictures. And great blue toes. I definitely think Bob should paint his toenails.

Maybe March should be the month for moto bloggers ALL to paint their toenails crazy colors.

Dar said...

Vstar Lady - There aren't too many boats out on the strait because of the cold, but warmth is coming. If we get through the next 2 months unscathed all should be smooth sailing so to speak. It was a gorgeous day for a ride, even though it was cold.

Sonja - I was not amused with the snow either. When Deb came over we were having coffee while my hubs fixed her clutch lever and it really started to snow quite a bit. We were both sad, but then it let up and stopped, so we took a chance. It is nice to have a riding buddy someone to watch out for you. We have fun and goof around.

ToadMama - Lol Maybe that should be a blog challenge weird painted nails hand or foot. I have a rainbow of polish from orange, yellow, green, pink, gold, purple, black and silver. I was being goofy about my toes.

kiwi_deb said...

Dar we do have a lot of fun together, and just wait till it warms up everyone. I think Dar and I will start a "Where in Victoria are the Moto Mamas now?" What do you think? A new place for each ride and we can tell you about it. What do you think Dar? AndToadMama - I agree March is Painted Nails Blog Challenge!

Dar said...

Kiwi_Deb. I like that idea! Now if only the weather would cooperate!