Sunday, February 26, 2012

#26 #29in29 Wax on - Wax off & no flying crane pose either

                                  Wax On - Wax Off.  

So what does a girl do on a brilliant sunny day instead of riding? She cleans her bike of course! I really wanted to go riding today, but I needed to pay some attention to Miss Scarlet.  I haven't had a chance to wax her since I got her for Christmas, its been too cold - I have to say I did entertain the thought on Christmas morning.......

Motorcycle Man couldn't believe his eyes when he came around the corner and saw me comfortably perched on a rubbermaid stool polishing Miss Scarlet.  I have waxed and polished just about every inch of her.  When Motorcycle Man and I were dating I used to help him detail his bike, it really wasn't much fun, but he told me for every hour of riding you seriously need to give attention to cleaning and maintaining the bike as well.  Well taught Master Sensei.  The only problem was Motorcycle man used to sneak into the house on a quest for toothbrushes, he used those for all the little nooks & crannies - and it was usually my toothbrush that was sacrificed.  Bwahhahahah!  Today I almost had my evil revenge!  I decided against using the hub's toothbrush however, because we have a sonic care tooth brush and I wasn't willing to sacrifice a $15 replacement head.  But I thought about it - evil grin comes across my face! 

See how Scarlet is gleaming!  I cleaned and waxed everywhere my little fingers could wedge themselves into.  I was running out of time so I didn't get to detail the wheels, but that is on my list for the next shine session.  (I also have a toothbrush ready for this) Someone was coming to look at Lucy today to see if she might be their first bike!  How exciting!  I sure hope she loves Lucy.

I even waxed the kickstand.... Yup I've got a bad case of moto love, I can tell you I have never ever willingly waxed my car or even Motorcycle Man's bike.

This nasty little piece of business is on the pipe coming from the engine right up by the foot brake.  The gal who owned the bike before me had a habit of resting the toe of her boot against the hot pipe and melted the boot onto the pipe several times.  At first we thought it was rust, but upon inspection Motorcycle man knew we could get it off with a little elbow grease and Autosol.  It was actually about 7 inches long give or take and the hubs worked on it for a little while.  Today I took a run at it and sat patiently working away at it and now it is all gone and gleaming in that spot.  It was a good day to be out in the sunshine cleaning the bike, although it was a little chilly when the wind picked up.  Tomorrow if it is sunny I think I am going for a ride with Kiwi Deb.

Yup it was a good day, in fact it was pretty relaxing.  Scarlet is gleaming in the sunshine.  I did however hear a few grumpy whispers coming from underneath the motorcycle cover on Vixen who was parked nearby, there seems to be a bit of moto jealousy going on.  But she can't complain because I have waxed and detailed her quite a few times and on the next sunny day I am sure she will get her turn.

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Trobairitz said...

Now that's a shiny bike. You are so diligent is cleaning your bike. And it looks so nice and pretty all shined up.

Mine has just gotten even dirtier. I even wrote the words wash me on it thinking it would be a good photo opportunity but ti didn't look right, lol.

Good luck on selling Lucy.

bluekat said...

Lookin' good!
Sam rarely gets a bath. Poor girl.
A quick spray of simple green and rinse is about as good as she gets.
I'm a neglectful rider :)

Dar said...

Trobairitz - she is gleaming! Now I am going to get her dirty! Lol going for a ride with a Kiwi.

Bluekat - I used simple green to clean Scarlett too. I just wanted to get a good coat of wax on her & then I will do the second coat in a month.

VStar Lady said...

Still jealous, haven't even seen my 'Prissy' little Star since October. She'll need dusting before waxing, then ... you busy?

Troubadour said...

Buy yourself a box of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, they work wonders on wheels, forks, frame, aluminum bits and exhaust to cut grease, road grime, rust and oxidation. Just don't use them on plastic or paint.
Scarlett sure is shiny and look at the time you save with that shaft drive. Nice.

Raftnn said...

Looking good, making me feel guilty now though, need to clean both mine, especially the GS. Personally though I do find it kind of relaxing.

Dar said...

VStar Lady - your time will come very soon! It's hard trying to be patient. I remember when I lived up North getting cabin fever about March. I wanted the snow to be gone!

Troubadour - I bonded with Scarlett yesterday, took her for a ride today & it somehow felt more zen-like.

Rog - I found it very relaxing and felt a big sense of accomplishment. It's a good thing I a vertically challenged too because it was pretty comfy sitting on the little stool. When my hubs cleans his bike his back kills him. Hmmm I wonder if I can strike a deal with him, I'll trade him a bike clean for a new K&N airfilter.

SonjaM said...

Shiny! Can I send over my Harley? You do a great job. Wax on Wax off. Mr Miyagi would be proud of you.

bobskoot said...


Your bike looks sooo clean, almost too clean to ride

Riding the Wet Coast

Dar said...

Sonja - too bad I couldn't master the crane pose though....become one with your Harley wax on - wax off.

Bob - she is gleaming and blinds people with her sparkle. I actually rode her today for a little bit.

kiwi_deb said...

Dar you did a wonderful job on her, now if only I had a concrete driveway instead of mud and gravel. I clean and she is dirty just going in and out of her shed! But having a shaft drive is way better than a chain - they are so dirty and oily!
It was a great ride today. You are a good riding buddy. :)

ToadMama said...

Looking good! That first shot made me smile. Detailing is boring work. But I, too, sometimes find it soothing. Glad you got out to ride.

Dar said...

Kiwi_Deb you can come detail Rascal at my place any time!!!!

ToadMama - I actually found it purposeful and it was relaxing just to sit in the sunshine, even if it was cold. I think I would rather get the tough stuff done in cooler weather because when its hot & sunny I am going to want to be riding!