Friday, February 17, 2012

#17 #29in29 Where it all Began

Today @NWexplore on twitter I was told that I make scootering cool again.  Love that!!!  Scooters rock!

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bluekat said...

I think I see a really big smile under that helmet! Lookin' good!

bobskoot said...


You always have a smile. even when you had the flu, you had a smile. All day at the bike show, you had a smile.

You're addictive

Riding the Wet Coast

Trobairitz said...

Of course you make scooterimg cool. Hellooooo...... you have a scooter with a zebra print seat.

Dar said...

Bluekat - I don't think I have stopped smiling since I started scootering last January.

Bob - there is so much to smile about! Just the simple joy of meeting a new friend at the motorcycle show was what kept me smiling all day! I try very hard to find joy in everything,

Trobairitz - lol I still love that seat cover! I may have to keep it if I sell the scoot.

Highwaylass said...

You look so happy in that first pic :)

Dar said...

Highwaylass - every time I get out on 2 wheels I end up grinning like a fool! I love it! How can you not smile!?

ToadMama said...

I have to say, the zebra seat is pretty darn cool.