Wednesday, February 15, 2012

#15 #29in29

Here is a lovely picture taken by Bob when he was out and about with his camera.  He saw this and KNEW I would love it!  Thank you Bob for thinking of me and snapping this!  For those of you who don't know why 'Scarlet' is significant to me it is the name of my beautiful scarlet red Honda Shadow VT500c. 

Just wanted to share a small story, I thought this was so charming and warmed my heart.  Today while at work an elderly lady asked me who rode the bike in the office? I told her it was me and a big smile came across her face and she then started telling me of her girlhood in the UK.  She used to ride pillion on her beau's bike.  She said they would be all dolled up in skirts to go to dances and they used to wrap the skirts around their knees and then tootle off to the dance.  She said her mother was scandalised by her daughter's behaviour!  I asked her if she had driven the bike and she said she tried once and that was the only time.  She scared herself because she ended up having to do a u-turn and the bike unfortunately got away from her and it slid.  She said though she went to many a dance by bike.  She said she wished she had conquered the fear.  The look on her face as she was telling me her story was one of pure delight. 

#15 #29in29 photo blog challenge.  click here for the link to Fuzzy Galore's blog the creator challenge


Trobairitz said...

That Bo, he is so good about keeping an eye out for cool pictures.

I can just imagine that lady telling her stories from back in the day. It is amazing how bikes trigger such happy memories and always bring out the storyteller in people.

David Masse said...

OK Dar, I knew this would happen. Barely mid-month and you're outsourcing photo shoots! C'mon, play fair! Love the photo, thought it was yours, wondered why you didn't post that one on the 14th, now I know! Admit it! The well is dry! (all tongue firmly planted in cheek of course). Tell Bob I love the shot.

Dar said...

Trobairitz - You could see the magic in her eyes when she was talking about her teenage years. She commented how heavy duty the gear looks.

David - lol - I couldn't resist using the picture. To make it 'fair' I add my other pic to the post - lol.

Dar said...

David - that should have been I'll add my other pic to the post. Seems my fingers are tired of typing today.

SonjaM said...

Nicely captured. No explanation necessary.

Fuzzy said...

what a sweet story. :)

bluekat said...

Oh, that's perfect. Just need a photo with Scarlet in front of Scarlets!

Dar said...

Sonja - it is perfect!

Fuzzy - you should have seen her face as she was telling me, it was pure magic. I could picture her as a young woman all dolled up & riding to the dance. Pure joy.

Bluekat - I am going to have to ride over there and meet up with Bob & go there.

kiwi_deb said...

Yes Dar lets plan a trip on the ferry to Vancouver!! Oh what a sweet story.
Loved our night ride tonight :)

Dar said...

Deb you are right about us needing GPS. We should go to Salt Spring.

ToadMama said...

That's an awesome sign. And I love stories like that. It's so cute when you just talk to people and get stories like that.

bobskoot said...


When I am walking around I always look around for photo ops, and then I spotted IT !

My eyes saw the word "Scarlet" but my brain registered "DAR". I just couldn't leave the photo lying there, I had to pick it up.

the colour was perfect

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