Saturday, March 3, 2012

Rider Superstitions ~ Gremlin Bells & other such things

              Motorcycle Man & Scooterpie Jr, brought me home a bike farkle for Scarlet today!
Bike lore & Superstition  I have never really thought of myself as superstitious, a little quirky maybe, but not superstitious, that is until I thought of some of the things I do.  I don't walk under ladders and I avoid black cats and I do throw salt over my shoulder if I spill it, so I guess in the end I am superstitious.  When I first got Vixen a friend sent me a Gremlin bell for her and it is mounted on the back.  I love hearing it tinkle when I hit a bump. Scarlet has a bell now and it is already on the bike!

Legend of the Bell ~ Legend has it that Evil Road Spirits like to hitch rides on your bike and cause mayhem.  The sort of mayhem that gets riders into trouble like flat tires, electrical issues, mechanical problems.  The legend goes that when one of these nasty little buggers decides to hitch the ride they get trapped inside the bell and the constant ringing makes them crazy and they lose their grip and let go.  It is also thought that when a bell is given to your by a friend or family member it carries twice as much good luck or power to throw the little beasties away from your bike.

Vixen's beautiful bell.

 Scarlet's new bell that says
 "Lady Rider"

 Motorcycle Man found the perfect spot for the bell and installed it.  Sorry about the picture being fuzzy, it was a little windy and it was moving the bell around.
                            What the bell looks like from the road up - Watch out Gremlins.....

I also wear a St. Christopher medal attached to a tab on the collar of my jacket.  What kind of things do you do for good road Ju-Ju?  


Trobairitz said...

Creating mayhem makes me think of the Allstate Insurance commercials we have down here. If you don't have them up there, go to YouTube and look up Allstate mayhem. Good stuff.

Cool little bell. I am not superstitious at all so I don't have anything for good road ju-ju. I know I felt my old Ninja 650R had bad ju-ju. Just couldn't get into that bike and sold it. A friend is the one that said it had bad ju-ju. Maybe it needed a gremlin bell.

Dar said...


I love the Mayhem commercials, the 12 days of Christmas one is my favorite and the one where he is driving the pink SUV.

Sometimes we don't mesh with a certain bike. Hubs had me try an old Yamaha when we were first looking and I just plain hated it, wasn't the style, I didn't like the dude who was selling it, just something, can't explain it. I decided the bike wasn't for me.

bluekat said...

Not superstitious myself, but liked the idea. I had a bell for my Suzuki. I haven't gotten one for the Ninja. I'm not sure if it works for sport bikes :)

Dar said...

Bluekat - I think it works for any bike! I love my little bell on the scoot. I will take any kind of good luck I can get.

VStar Lady said...

Dar, I've never had a bell but I had a little motorcycle angel that a friend had given me ... but I've lost her. Oh, oh ... should I be superstitious now?

Dar said...

Vstar Lady I would'nt worry about it. Sometimes the lost token ends up being someone else's good luck charm.

kiwi_deb said...

Dar I am a little superstitious like you. I dont have a bell but its a cool idea. Vstar Lady - I too had a Motorcycle Angel and lost her one day as well. What I have done lately is, I have been finding coins on the ground by where I park my Mud Puppy. So I have been picking them up and putting them in my motorcycle pocket! Maybe thats my luck :)

NWX said...

I never even heard of this until now! I always make sure my tires are pumped up, it's my weird superstition

bobskoot said...


I wasn't superstitious until you posted this. I know lots of bikers had Bells. Others put scratches on their bike where you can't see it.

I do have a couple of things hanging on my bike, but I don't think of them as lucky charms, but perhaps that's what they are. I rode all the way to Montana last year and no one noticed them. They are still there. One flaps in the wind and the other is magnetic and hasn't dropped off yet. You may spot them next May

Riding the Wet Coast

Dar said...

Deb - I noticed all the change in your vest, I though you had it for parking! We are going to have to remedy the bell situation.

NWX - I have always been a little superstitious I guess, never ever walk under ladders & I avoid black cats, I have even done a u-turn & changed direction on occasion. I know it's silly, But I am a little quirky that way. I had heard about the Bell story before, but never thought anything of it until a friend sent me a bell for my scooter. I think your tire pressure checking is the best road ju-ju there is,

Bob - I think we all have our little lucky charms and things we do. The fact that you haven't taken them off makes them your good luck things.