Sunday, March 11, 2012

It was only supposed to be a trip to the grocery store....10 minutes honest.

   This lovely Japanese Cherry tree has come into blossom it is on Wharf Street in downtown Victoria.

Yesterday I met up with Kiwi_Deb and we drove out to Starbucks in Sidney and had a lovely chat & cup of the demon bean.  Of course we took the long twisty route. :) *cheesy grin* Today I needed to run to the store and pick up some goodies for dinner and of course I had to take a little meander on the way.  I stopped in the Inner Harbour to snap some pics and who should I meet up with but Kiwi_Deb.  So of course we had to take the *long route* to the grocery store.  Poor Motorcycle family, they know when I saw 5 minutes it usually more, particularly if I happen to bump into a Moto Mama on the way it usually leads to more than just a few minutes of riding.  Like I said before, Motorcycle Man didn't know what kind of Pandora's motorcycle box he was opening when he bought that little 50 cc scooter last year.

 Statues in the square on Wharf Street
are dedicated to the Royal Canadian Navy's 100th anniversary.

 This art sculpture is in front of the Victoria Tourist info centre.  Each year sculptures are created and then auctioned off for charity.  They have done whales and spirit bears in the past.  I love how colourful this particular piece.


kiwi_deb said...

okay moto diva, i am smiling right now after reading this haha
It was funny I was riding around heading to the downtown inner harbour. Then low and behold Rascal spotted Scarlet. The little toodle around afterwards was fun....

bobskoot said...


still looks a bit chilly. We were down at the beach today, and the wind nearly froze my ears and I had a toque on too

Lots of people walking around and all bundled up, like it was winter or something

What are the odds of meeting kiwi-deb, you could have asked her to pickup your groceries

Riding the Wet Coast

Raftnn said...

THe long way is always the best way.

Dar said...

Kiwi_Deb it was destiny! Lol. I liked the tootle too! We seem to be tootlers!

Bob - it has been freezing here too. Yesterday I was freezing and my hands were numb. Today seemed a little warmer. We always get real winter in March and April. More frost and cold winds than December & January. BRRRRR. Deb and I are like peas and carrots as Forrest Gump would say. Lol.

Raftnn - absolutely the best way, even if the family is home starving. Lol. There is no such thing as a short motorcycle trip, the road seems to have a sweet siren song that draws you into following. It is intoxicating!

Trobairitz said...

What fun. It looks like you two have such a great time together.

Demon bean, ha, that's a good one.

Love the picture of the cherry tree. I am trying to be patient and wait for spring but I'm not having much luck

Dar said...

Trobairitz - it is hard waiting for spring this year. Winter just seems to be dragging on. We have had a really bad wind storm last night.

SonjaM said...

Brilliant pics. You always seem to get better weather on the island...