Friday, August 5, 2011

Tofino - Foodie

I am such a foodie, I am always looking for interesting places to eat and food experiences.  Too often in my daily life food has become something that is done quickly and just to get something on the table for dinner. In the summer I like to take my time and use fresh ingredients and savour food and enjoy it.  Camping is an entirely different food experience, it is usually done with limited resources, i.e. kitchen space and limited ingredients.  We usually BBQ a lot because it is convenient and done outside.  I will admit that food does taste better when we are outside sitting by the fire and enjoying something as simple as a hotdog and it is usually washed down with a glass of vino.  I have to admit anything tastes pretty good with a glass of vino.  

The best part of our meals in Tofino was our visit to Chocolate Tofino for their amazing homemade gelato or handmade chocolates.   Gordon & Leah Austin make these wonderful little pieces of heaven, they use fresh ingredients for their chocolates and gelato.  These treats taste divine and are well balanced and delicate.  

Fresh raspberry and white chocolate gelato

Motorcycle man and I went for a walk to a little grocery store called Beaches just up the road from where we are staying.  I discovered a wonderful little chocolatier Tofino Chocolate.  Oh my gosh my prayers are answered, staying in Tofino mere steps from the beach and then a little specialty store that makes handmade chocolate and homemade gelato.  Seriously I think I died and went to heaven.  We left the kids back at the motorhome and I must admit to feeling a little guilty (well actually not very guilty), we bought  4 chocolates; chocolate ganache and lavender cream.  I wanted a small dish of gelato and chose lavender honey, it was amazing.  The flavours in the chocolate were very delicate and the gelato is heavenly.  I can honestly say that this is the best gelato I have ever had.  Later that night we came back with the girls and everyone had gelato, I chose the raspberry white chocolate and it was simply divine!

Gordon and Leah, chef/owners of Chocolate Tofino

They own a scooter too!!


Dar said...

Motorcycle man & the minions walked up for gelato last nit, I didnt fell like any, too full from dinner. They bought me back some candied ginger dunked in dark chocolate. It was pretty fabulous.

Benny said...

Hey Dar!
We met at the scooter rally back in May in Victoria, and we did a little ride to the top of the Mount Tolmie.

The food - and the ice cream - sure looked delicious! I love a good eating experience as well. Hopefully when we get over to the Island next time, we would be able to follow your lead!


Dar said...

Hi Benny!

I remember, I had a great day! As for Tofino, if you haven't been here it is a must do on the bucket list. There are many great places to stay and eat.

I miss my scoot, haven't ridden for 10 days.