Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Take a walk on the Wildside (Grill)..... Food glorious food

When we were in Tofino we ate at the WildSide Grill and it was pretty fabulous. ** If you are hungry you may want to get a snack before you look at the pictures.  Part of my adventures always involve eating out wherever we stay.  It is sort of like immersing yourself in the culture of the area.  In Tofino it is ALL about fresh seafood. We walked up to an eclectic group of little shops at the Live to Surf Plaza and discovered the WildSide Grill.  We were starving and wanted something yummy and filling after a full day spent beaching.  This is a funky little eatery which specializes in freshly caught seafood by commercial fisherman Jeff Mikus, the catch goes directly from the boat to the kitchen where chef Jesse Blake works his magic. The portions are very generous and the food IS excellent.  We dined at the grill twice while in Tofino and I was pretty thrilled on both occasions.  The dining area is very Tofino-esque, the tables are old wood spools and the rustic shelter is made out of driftwood.  It was actually very beautiful and pleasant to sit there taking in the scenery and enjoying great food.   I just wish we could have stayed a little longer to try out more of the menu.  The folks sitting behind us were raving about their fish tacos,  wish I wasn't so full, I would have tried those too!  Hmmm I wonder if they deliver to Victoria..... Check out their menu on  

Warning:  Please make sure you have a cloth ready to wipe the drool off your computer - I am not responsible for any damage done to your computer due to drooling.

Pulled Pork ciabatta with apple slaw & french fries (I had this OMG!!!!)

Caesar Salad


Tuna Burger ** I actually dubbed this the "Oh My God"Tuna Burger
I have never had anything this good - EVER!

I loved the carving on this beam.

BTW motorcycle man was getting pretty tired of me snapping pictures of food
before he was able to eat it.  


Anonymous said...

Hey Dar, the place looks very secluded!

Dar said...

Ben like your blog! You need to create a follower button so folks can follow it.

It is secluded in the fact that it is in Tofino, but it is in a busy little plaza. The food is amazing, I would probably drive there just to eat the tuna burger,

Trobairitz said...

The food looks so yummy. Poutine!! I haven't had that since we left Penticton in 2001.

Everything looks delish. I love the ambience of eating outdoors surrounded by the trees. I can see how you would want to be there longer just to sample the different dishes.

Thanks for sharing pics and making me hungry.

SonjaM said...

Did you have to do it? I am on a friggin' diet right now, and was tempted to lick the screen...

Wildside Grill said...


Thanks so much for your kind words and lovely pictures. We're always striving to make the freshest, tastiest food, and we're so glad to see that you appreciate these efforts.

Our Poutine is on our Specials Board occasionally (it's there today!), but for all the Poutine fans, please understand that it's not yet a permanent menu item (we're certainly considering adding it - the positive feedback has been incredible!).

Looking forward to seeing you at The Grill again soon.

All the best,

The team at Wildside Grill
'Always Fresh. Always Wild.'

Dar said...

Wildside Grillers:

I so enjoyed your food! I have to wait until next year when we come back or hopefully can sneak up to Tofino in the fall some time.

We hope you keep the Poutine it's pretty amazing. BTW I tweeted my blog post to Guy Fieri of Diners Drive-ins & Dives, hope he does a story on you magnificent little place!