Sunday, August 21, 2011

These boots aren't made for walking - thats not what they do

New motorcycle boots on the left - old leathers on the right.
These boots aren't made for walking..... thats not what they do..... one of these days the boots are gonna scoot right over you.....Get ready boots.....Get Scootin'

Shoes Glorious Shoes!  All of my girlfriends know of my fondness for shoes.  I love them high & spikey, strappy, pumps or wedges, it doesn't matter I love them all!  My new favorite shoes are my new Teknik motorcycle boots.  Since getting my scooter I have been schlepping around in a pair of thick soled, hot leather zip up boots because they offered me a little more protection than my sneakers. When I wiped out one of my shoes popped off in the crash and this made me realize how vulnerable my feet were in a crash situation when wearing non-motorcycle footwear. Have you ever wondered where the lone shoe in the road comes from? Now you know.

Yesterday I was out on some errands and I popped into my fave motorcycle store to look for some mesh gloves. Unfortunately I didn't find any gloves, but I did happen to stumble across a pair of ladies Teknik PowerSkin boots in the clearance section and they were my size.  It seems that it was destiny. I bought these for $99 - I thought it was pretty a good deal. They are waterproof and have a breathable sock liner inside.  They offer full ankle support/protection and have good safety construction through the heel and are reinforced in the toe for my eventual need for shifting a motorcycle.  They are mid-calf, which is what I was looking for.  The new boots offer me the protection I was missing in my previous non-motorcycle leather boots.  Surprisingly the new boots are pretty comfortable for walking in and when we went riding yesterday in the heat, my feet weren't hot at all.  In fact I was pretty comfy with my jacket zipped down to mesh and light socks in the boots.  

Anyone who has bought a scooter or a motorcycle for the first time knows how expensive it is to outfit yourself with gear.  I decided right off the top that it was going to be all about wearing gear, due to the fall I took on my first run.  (It was a newb mistake and I learned real quick what not to do.)  To this point my gear consists of my HJC full face helmet, Joe Rocket 10.0 textile ballistic nylon armored jacket, Joe Rocket ballistic nylon waterproof/windproof gloves and Teknik PowerSkin riding boots.  I am going to be purchasing some textile riding pants in the very near future, I just haven't decided on which ones yet.  

As I stated in a previous post regarding ATGATT and shoes, I want all of my little piggies to come home and don't want a paramedic hunting in the middle of the street for my lost little piggy.  One of the gals who was new to had just purchased a scooter and only a mere few weeks later she had a wipe-out that involved her skidding across the pavement.  She had some protective gear on, but not boots or riding pants.  Unfortunately the friction chewed through the top of her sneaker and she lost the flesh at the end of her big toe and portions of the bone as well.  She did a pretty good job at mangling her foot and hurt her knee.  This is just one example of why gear even when scootering is important. Pavement is indiscriminate, it doesn't care whether you are on a scooter, motorcycle or bicycle when you wipe out.  

Some may think this is overkill for a scooter, but I commute on my scooter to and from work every day, hot, cold, rain or shine.  I need to be comfortable, dry and warm when we start our rainy season which is all winter. Gear also gives me an edge in protecting myself when dealing with traffic - I will take any advantage I can in this regard. I have also learned from the fall that your legs take a beating when they hit the pavement.   I would rather look dorky on my scooter in full gear, and be intact after coming into contact with the pavement.  It doesn't matter what speed you are going, slow or fast, the pavement hurts when you hit.  


Trobairitz said...

Kudos to you for wearing all the gear while on your scooter. It took a while for me to find comfy riding pants but it is worth it when you do.

And what a good score on the new boots too.

We live in a college town where we see lots of scooters and people are commuting wearing t-shirts and shorts and flip flops on their feet. I always wonder why they don't wear more gear while riding a scooter. Pavement hurts at any speed.

I would rather sweat and look 'dorky' than bleed.

Oh yeah, and I have wondered where that lone shoe comes from. Now I'll be a little sad when I see one in the street.

Great write-up Dar.

Turtle said...

Nice boots!

Those should be much better protection

Dar said...

Trobairitz - Victoria is a college/touristy town and every day I see a lot of folks on their scoots or rental scoots not dressed appropriately at all. Regular scooterists who don't wear gear will change their mind after a fall or at least start wearing proper footwear and not flip flops. I am so there about being dorky looking and sweaty, I can always have a shower after a ride and it is better than bleeding. I happen to like my hide and appreciate it being intact.

Turtle - They are awesome boots and way better than my leather boots I was wearing. Those ones weren't waterproof and my feet used to get completely soaked. I also like that fact they have ankle protection. Hey by the way I love your new scooter bag you made, it is beautiful!

Dar said...

Trobairitz - When I fell I had on a borrowed motorcycle jacket from the shop and it is in my opinion the only thing that saved my right elbow from shattering as it smashed into the pavement. I skinned it a little and had an instant ulnar nerve tingling in my pinky & fourth finger, but it lasted only a few minutes, so on the whole I was pretty lucky.

Where I didn't fare so well was on my right hip and thigh area. I fell January 21/11 and to this day I am still having pain in my thigh area where I impacted on the pavement and the internal bruised section has hardened, so it still hurts and probably always will.

So I will always be an ATGATT-er even in the hot weather such as yesterday, it was about 80+ degrees and I still geared up. My health is my wealth, if I am hurt & can't be a mom or work it screws up my life.

My philosophy for riding is - when you go out riding and have a family, you are taking them along with you and THEY are the ones who deal with the aftermath.

bobskoot said...

to my dear SnickleFritz:

you are wise beyond your youngish years. I am sorry to hear you had a skirmish with the pavement but delighted to see you may be expanding your horizons to include a motorcycle.

I too love shoes but generally like to be unshod during the warmer months. Those riding boots look very similar to my new Alpinestars, which remain unused and still new with tags intact.

. . . and I used to LOVE Nancy Sinatra and her BOOTS were made for walking . . . Moon boots we used to call them

Riding the Wet Coast

Dar said...

Dear Bobskoot,

Thanks for catching my play on Nancy Sinatra's Boots, I knew someone would get it.

Yup my playtime with the pavement changed me to ATGATT before I even got out riding in earnest. But I am a pretty tough cookie most of the time. Once bitten by the scooter/motorcycle bug there is no going back.

I love to run around barefooted in the summer. But I have to say those coolio new little boots are pretty awesome! I am so looking forward to dry feet this fall/winter. I was looking at some Alpinestars on line, but I am glad I found these.

Cheers dear friend!

Snicklefritz (aka Dar)

David Masse said...

Dar, couldn't have said it better. I also commute. This year I added a pair of Tourmaster Caliber pants. In the last ride I took in the rain they leaked in the seat, which was disappointing. I'm going to wash them then blast them with waterproofing stuff and hope that does the trick. The final purchase will be boots. I'm thinking Alpinestar Ridge boots. But like you, if something suitable turns up in the clearance section I'll jump on it.

Curiously, both my Corazzo jacket and my Tourmaster pants are from Scooter Underground in Victoria.

Ride safely!

Dar said...

David, did the labeling on the pants say there were waterproof or water resistant? I know my coat isn't waterproof if the liner isn't it. Is there a warranty? Sometimes for me it is just too warm for the liner so I go without.

Glad you wear gear! I was getting tired of water logged pruney looking toes when I got home from a commute in the rain. Boots are awesome, don't worry about name brands, just get what fits & is comfortable.

Let me know what you get! Safe riding!

bobskoot said...


"pruney looking toes" LOL

what ! no photos ?

Riding the Wet Coast

Dar said...

Lol Bob! Nope no pics of pruney toes. I am getting a pedi this weekend because I can't stand my sandpapery feet.

tonyc128 said...

I ride fully atgatt and it gets mighty hot under all that gear, especially now in the blazing heat, but well worth it compared to what your fellow scooterist endured.

Congrats on your Learners!! You go pretty fast on that little Vino of yours, and you want to go faster in only 7 months?? Took me 3 years!!!! :)

Dar said...

Hi Tony! Hope you are enjoying the warm weather finally. I completely agree with ATGATT, only way to go. I just look like I am going faster than I really am, it's the pink jacket ;) Tony it taken more than 7 months, I have been hanging out for 28 years on the back of the hubs bike. Once you have the taste of freedom you want more!!!

The course will be good for me in other ways as well, learning defensive skills and just being a better rider.