Thursday, August 18, 2011

Family Scooter/Motorcycle tootle

Our motor babies 2007 Yamaha Vino and 1983 Honda V45 Magna

Just the 3 of us!  Some People go bowling, we go moto-ing.

Today Motorcycle Man insured his bike!  Yay!   It was funny today because out of the blue Motorcycle Man looked at me and said, "Where are the scooter keys?"  I handed them to him and he said, "I am going to insure my bike for a few months."  Alrighty then, off he went. When he came back we went for a rip on his bike and dusted off the cobwebs it has been gathering from the garage.  At first his motorcycle wouldn't start, I think it was because it was jealous because he has been riding my scooter quite a bit. (He has had this motorcycle for 28 years, I met him when I was 18 and he used to pick me up for our dates on it.) When we came back we coaxed our daughter to go for an evening ride.  We went downtown and made our way to Dallas Road and did the scenic seaside drive.  I have to say it was pretty chilly by the water, almost fall-like, brrrr, we haven't even really had summer yet. We stopped at King George Terrace look-out and I snapped some photos for proof.  Its funny none of the motorcyclists who passed me waved, but they waved at Motorcycle Man.  I was laughing to myself thinking you guys are so silly, he is with me, I am not some random scooter diva out for a tootle beside a motorcycle.  It was so much fun, but I think I definitely need to get a few more cc's under me because he was leaving me in the proverbial dust on hills.  We scooted/biked for 2 hours, what a lovely way to spend a night with the family.  
Diva Jr and Motorcycle Man

Momma Scooter Diva and Diva Junior

My scoot has more farkles than Motorcycle Man's bike, a girl has to bling it out!

Diva Jr has decided she wants Motorcycle Man's Bike.


Trobairitz said...

What a lovely evening for a family ride even if it was a little chilly. Our summer weather sure hasn't had the highs it normally has and it has been cooling off quite quickly in the evening.

Love the candid shots of everyone with their bike/scooter. I think the Honda fits Diva Jr quite well.

Dar said...

Trobairitz I agree about the weather, this morning it was sunny, but felt like fall. We had a fabulous evening last night and I am hoping we can do it again. My hub is great to ride with. I am going to gear up Diva Jr with a new helmet & Jacket, etc. Oh how I wish summer was here all year.

tonyc128 said...

Hey Dar:

That location looks awfully similar :) Glad you are having a great time with the family. I must spend more time with mine as well. Too bad it involves "less" time on the bike. :(


SonjaM said...

Super, a family outing. Great that you guys have all the same interest.
Beautiful pics, Dar.
You make me want to visit the island more often ;-)

Dar said...

Tony - hey hows it going? Yup that is where we first bunped into each other. We are on vacation & its been awesome, lots of together time! As your daughter gets older she may surprise you & want to go on your bike. We wouldn't do it when our girl was young, now she is old enough to hang on and learn the basics of riding.

Sonja- you should visit the island! We are a moto-ing family now. Its so much fun riding together. No one was into it tonight so I went solo. Nice night for a ride.

David Masse said...

Very nice Dar. Sorry summer went AWOL for you. My son is living in Vancouver. He hasn't complained about rain, but does miss having summer weather.

Turtle said...

Wow, I love that Magma (and want one)!

That family ride looks like a lot of fun.

Dar said...

David - summer has definitely been absent. We have been getting it here for the last couple of days. You can defibitely feel the tang of fall in the morning and at night. I hope we have a long stretched out warm fall.

Turtle - I have been riding on the back of that bike for 28 years. My hub used to pick me up for dates. I fell in love with a biker - tee hee. When I get my motorcycke endorsement I think I am going to look at a cruiser style bike like his, probably a Honda Shadow.

Turtle said...

Now that I've been checking them out on eBay, I know it's a Magna, not a Magma.

That's a pity--having a Magma would have been cool!

Dar said...

A friend of my husbands just bought a used 1999 Magna, he got it for a screaming deal and the mileage was low. I saw it and ws trying to talk Motorcyce Man into buying it for me, but he has other ideas. Pity it was pretty hot and I would have loved to call it mine. Geez I don't know whats going on with me, Ithink I am having a mid-life crisis.

Turtle said...

Heh, heh... aren't we all?