Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tofino Fogust sunsets on McKenzie beach

The month of August is dubbed Fogust in Tofino.  Generally during this month there is unstable air or marine fog hovering around the area and it creates a gentle blanket of fog.  Usually it creeps in during the night and the mornings are foggy, but it seems to clear in the afternoon or early evening just in time for the sun to set.  Most of the time we spent in Tofino it was grey with fog.  We had about 3 really lovely sunny days and the rest were warm and foggy.  
                                                                              So happy Fogust to y'all!


David Masse said...

Dar you have a gift. Those photos are breathtaking. Keep them coming, please.

Dar said...

Thanks David! I use my tiny canon Sd IS1200 and probably take multiple pictures of the same thing to finally get what I want. My hub is a professional videographer & is always giving me tips on picture composition. I have to admit I was fooling with the different setting on the camera. I left the big camera back at the trailer and was too lazy to go get it. I quite often pack the point and shoot with me on the scooter.

I always find the pictures on your blog amazing, so keep yours coming too! Quite an epic adventure you had the other day.