Friday, August 26, 2011

Grocery shopping scooter style

My car is sick right now, so I am 2 wheeling it. Quite often I take the scooter on shopping trips, its amazing how much you can bring home on it with creative packing. I can easily bring 5 bags of groceries.  The only thing that poses a challenge is bringing home toilet paper, the packages are a little big and cumbersome, but I seem to make it work.  Today is a beautiful hot summer day in Victoria and we had a hankering for burgers for dinner, so I decided to get the rest of the weekend shopping done while out. I picked up a really nice fresh sockeye salmon filet for tomorrow nights dinner.  It was so cheap that I actually got a wee filet for my little doggis, its her fave.  (It was actually cheaper than her dog food)  Another good reason for scooter shopping is I don't bring home all the junk food like chips and stuff, so actually I have lost weight!  As we speak my wonderful teenage daughter is in the kitchen creating gourmet burgers.  Yum! I can hardly wait.

  Here is what my scoot looks like after a light shopping foray.  

I brought home 4 bags of groceries & had room for at least 2 more.
BTW  The little cubby holder on the scoot fits a bottle of vino perfectly.  ;)

If you live in BC you may want to scoot to Save-On the sockeye salmon was such a
screamin' deal I got a little piece for my wee doggis.  Salmon is her fave!
How can you resist that little fuzzy face?


SonjaM said...

That is exactly what makes scooters so great and practical for daily use. Well done!
Toilet paper can be transported with two additional straps an the pillion seat, and will serve as backrest when riding home.
Happy bbq-ing tonight.

Dar said...

I love scooter shopping. I feel a little smug when I see people shoving the same amount of groceries in their cars. You know when they see you pile the stuff beside the scooter they are trying to figure out where you are going to put it, It is funny when they see how you do it & the look of amazement on the face as you tootle by them.

Turtle said...

Yup, nothing better than
packing more onto the scooter
than others are carrying in their enormo-SUVs!

Dar said...

Agreed! One thing is for sure, when you scoot shop you are only buying for a few days at a time which means you throw out less & eat fresh food.