Sunday, May 15, 2011

What this is spring???

We are into the middle of May and the weather sucks! Today it is just like fall/winter, it's raining, cold and foggy. Not ideal weather to scoot in or motorcycle in. Today I am going to be content staying in my jammies and wait for the hockey game tonight - Go Canucks Go!

I am going to make some useful time of my slothiness I am going to study the motorcycle licensing book to prepare for writing the learners license.


Dar said...

Ok so I post this 2 days ago and all of a sudden Mother Nature makes it summer. I wonder if she has a wicked sense of humor because I posted a picture of snow.

Dar said...

Again Mother Nature is messing with me. Yesterday was hot and sunny, today I woke up to clouds, drizzle and cold. She must have know it was going to be my first time in a scooter rally. It was a lot of fun, but I almost needed my tights or long undies under my rain pants and jeans, yup I had both on. I still had a glorious time though.

Mother Nature do you think you could spare just a little sunshine, just a smidge?? PLEASE!