Monday, May 16, 2011

Crashing a scoot is easier than you think! Ouch!

I started my scooter journey by test driving a brand new Sym Mio, which unfortunately I crashed. Yup on the test drive! I laid down the new scooter on wet pavement. The scooter had some gnarly scratches on the skid plate, but I ended up taking the worst of the crash.  I landed on my right hip and my upper thigh ended up being purple and other glorious shades that I never knew a human could turn. As I was picking myself up off the pavement I went through a mental checklist, testing of bones and seeing if anything really ouched. I hurt, but I was still intact, bruised and very embarrassed.  Hitting the pavement at 40 km/h is definitely not a fun thing to do, thank goodness I had on the appropriate gear.

For most people this would have been the end of their scootering days - NOPE not me! My middle name is Perseverance and it is one of my character flaws, I don't give in easily and typically 'walk things off'.

The scooter salesman had a look of shock on his face and I kept telling him I was ok and  then asked him, "Does this mean I just bought a scooter?"  He assured me I hadn't and that this happens' all the time' (that made me feel a little better) Then I knocked his socks off by telling him I needed to get right back on and finish the test drive if he was game. So off we went.  I swore scooter dude to secrecy and he could not tell my hub or that would be the end of my scootering days, he very reluctantly agreed. I didn't buy a scooter on that fateful day, I needed to think about things and figure out how not to tell my motorcycling man about my 'little crash'. 

All was fine for a few hours after the crash and then I went into shock. Shock is an amazing thing it lets you believe in denial until the body says "Nope we need to shutdown for a bit." To be honest it hurt like HELL and I was feeling faint and shivery. I ended up calling motorcycle man at work and getting him to take me to the clinic because I almost passed out a couple of times on my lovely daughter. I can tell you my daughter was less than impressed with me and this turn of events.   Motorcycle man picked me up and took me to the clinic.  He read me the riot act all the way to the clinic about test driving without him.  For once I wished I had listened!  He said he called the scooter place and they didn't say a word about the crash. (I did swear scooter dude to secrecy - at least I can trust scooter dude with a secret)

After being checked over I went home with a bottle of really good pain killers, an x-ray form and a whole bunch of ice packs. You know you are in for a world of hurt when the doctor says "You are going to want to take two of those every 4 hours for the first couple of days and its going to get worse over the next day or two."    UNDERSTATEMENT of the year! Luckily the x-ray was clear.  I am still left with a 14cm long internal hematoma on my quad muscle.  It's still healing 4 months later and still giving me grief. I am tougher than I thought or maybe its the diva in me.  (I'm going with the diva in me)

The very next day using my womanly guiles and persuasion techniques on motorcycle man we went scooter shopping despite the pain, drug induced euphoria, limping and carrying ice packs around.  We went to the dealer and I looked at the beautiful  new Vespas, Kymcos, Syms, Yamahas, Piagios, and Hondas and just wasn't ready to pull the trigger on a brand new 50cc scoot. We looked at some used ones and I fell in love with a beautiful Sapphire Blue Yamaha 50 cc Vino she was in mint condition. We bought her two days after my crash. I was barely mobile, but I wouldn't let this conquer me!   I didn't even test drive her or sit on her, I let motorcycle man do this and give her the once over.  A few days later we picked her up and then the training began and my scooter adventure.


Circle Blue said...

My first scooter was blue. It was a 49cc 2-stroke. I think blue makes for great beginnings. I'm glad you got back on the scooter. Thanks for the share.

Dar said...

Hey Circle Blue, thanks for stopping by. I had to summon up all my courage to get back on and ride, but I am glad I did! If you stop by again tell me what kind of scoot you have. Happy Scooting!

Circle Blue said...

Now I ride a SYM Symba. I have had it for a year and three months and it has over 9000 miles. The little blue scooter was an Adly. It appears I'm fond of Taiwanese scoots.

Dar said...

Awesome! I looked at a Sym Mio and they are very cute. 9,000 miles wow thats a lot of scootering! Is it 100cc or 125cc? What color is your Symba?

I also test drove a Vitality, I switched after I crashed the Mio.The vitality sat higher up and I couldn't flat foot on it. I have to say I give the scooter dude credit because he let me continue the ride and he let try the scooter he was riding. It would seem I am partial to Taiwanese too!

I fell in love with my scoot the moment I saw her and knew she was the one.