Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A few pics of where I live

Vixen posing in front of the Fisherman's Wharf Float Home Community
I took a very circuitous route home today and decided to snap some pics on the way.
Funky sculpture by Fisherman's Wharf

The Empress in Downtown Victoria

Victoria Harbor Ferry 

Empress from across the Johnson Street Bridge &
Inner Harbor

The Empress hotel was built between 1904-1908, the architect was Francis Rattenbury and officially opened on January 23, 1908.  There are approximately 477 rooms.  The Empress is famous for High Tea, it is truly wonderful to experience & very yummy.  They have their own Royal China for when the Queen comes for a spot of tea.

Victoria is incredibly beautiful all year around, but more so in spring and summer.  We are the Garden City and every year there are millions of blooms across the capital region. We brag about the blossom count in the spring.

No visit would be complete without visiting the Provincial Legislature, this is the seat of Government in British Columbia. Francis Rattenbury was the Architect of the Legislature, building began in 1893 and the Legislature was officially operating in 1898.  The original budget was $500,000,  the budget went over and the final cost was $923,000 - which is a lot of moolah when you think of the time period and the average yearly income was around $300 (estimated).  I took the picture of the Leg. over my shoulder while I was  stopped in traffic. Hope you enjoyed my little bit of touristy info while going for a tootle on my twisty.

Blossoms & more blossoms - Just so ya don't think I am scooter obsessed!

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