Monday, May 23, 2011

Capital City Scooter Rally

I had a great time at the rally.  I will write a post later in the week when things have slowed down and post some pics!  Thanks to my riding buddies who went on the Scooter Underground ride on Saturday, you were great and it was a pleasure to share the road with you!  I hope to see you next year!




Circle Blue said...

I had read of the Rally in both bobskoot and orin's blogs and had wondered if you were there. I look forward to your write-up and pictures.

Anonymous said...

So great to find you and your moto-vating adventures here instead of hoping our trapezes cross on Kemi's blog some day. She had sent me your email address along with a nice note, but then I had a bummer of a PC incident... Do you still have my email addy? Please write and let's catch up!

Dar said...

Jeri the blog didn't track back your email addy to me. I emailed Kemi to send me your email. If that doesn't work, check back here on the blog in a couple of days & I will post my email addy for you. I deleted my old hotmail account.