Friday, May 27, 2011

Capital City Scooter Rally 2011

Vespa fest
Scoots fest at the Inner Harbour
Wiener bite race acrobatics
skills test race
The Zombie Run Patch

The CCS rally was last weekend had an excellent turn-out.  The weather wasn't all that great, but it doesn't seem to matter to the scooter addicted.  The host scooter club Capital City Scooter club is a Vespa club, but they tolerated and welcomed us non-Vespa-ists.  There were Vespa scooters of all vintages from old to new.  They came from cities far and wide.  The folks who were at the rally were great, very friendly and welcoming!  Will I be going next year?  YOU BET!!!  There were folks riding Honda Metropolitans, Ruckus big and little, Dios, Yamaha Vinos, even a motorcycle or two.

I went to my first scooter rodeo which was really cool. They had the 'slow race'  - who ever went the slowest and made it to the finish line last without putting a foot down won.  There was also a  timed skills test where you went around little markers.  My favorite race was the  'wiener bite' - (I hesitated to even post this) This was a race were you rode 2 up and the person on the back had to bite a wiener that was hanging on a string from a tree branch.  Not to worry everyone got a fresh wiener after each try.  It was a great time, lots of riding around beautiful Victoria.  I rode with some very nice dudes on the Scooter Underground ride, thanks guys! It was great just ripping around the city with other scooterists.

Scooter riding is even better when you meet great people and share the ride.  There was a yellow Honda Big Ruckus parked beside me on Wharf street in front of the beautiful Empress Hotel and the fellow who owned it was showing me all of the great features, the seat is like a barcolounger - very comfortable.  The restored classic Vespas were amazing, lots of TLC and scooter love went into those.  The best part for me was when I was standing beside Vixen on Saturday morning an elderly lady came up to me and told me she loved my scooter and thought I had a lovely 'riding ensemble' - I have a riding ensemble!  How chic! She said it reminded her of when she was younger, apparently she rode a scooter when she was a young woman.  I sure wish my scooter was bigger and I would have taken her for a tootle.  I finished my weekend exhausted and happy.   I did leave my family scooter orphans for the weekend, but they survived!  I can hardly wait until next year!


Tony said...

hey Darlene, nice pics. Thanks for taking us out on the ride that day. I had a fun time over there. Thanks for including me in one of your pics. Come be our forum at vancouverscootering dot com and say "hi"

Dar said...

Hi Tony I had a greatvtime scooting with you and your friends! Absolutely in will stop by Vancouverscootering. Lets keep in touch.

scooter review said...

Really great..Thank you .. :)