Monday, May 16, 2011

My beloved scooter The Vixen & her scooter swag

This is my beautiful sapphire blue scooter Vixen.  She is a 2007 Yamaha Vino 50cc scoot.

Vixen's first bit of scooter swag was her Shad topcase. I saw a funky and beautiful zebra seat cover made by a fellow Scooter Diva ~ Scootalong and knew I just had to have it.  You can find these fabulous, funky and well made seat covers at gottogo123, or just search for scooter seat covers on and you will find them.   Last week I added a Road Krome windshield and it works perfect, motorcycle man tweaked it for me so there are no rattles or squeaks.

Do you see the little bell in the picture ^  above it is the most essential part of all the scooter swag on Vixen.  It's a Gremlin Bell, which traps all the little road gremlins inside the bell. These little dudes cause all kinds of grief for example your scooter not starting, flat tires, bad road day, you name it they do it.  When you hear it jingle there is a gremlin trapped in there, apparently they hate the noise so they hop off your scoot or bike.  For the bell to give you good road luck it's better if someone gives it to you.  ScooterDiva on the SD forum gave me mine.  Thanks Ellen! *PS some Harley riders have them and usually these folks are above the superstitions and other such bikey kind of stuff.

Some of things I would like to do to Vixen; 1) pinstripe with a lovely silver pinstripe design with her name somewhere on her 2) change her her horn to a loud Stebel horn (its as obnoxious as heck) but it isn't very good for 'hello' tooting chatter to other scoots  3) I would like to put some funky colored LED lights on her just to give her a bit of zing. Motorcycle man shakes his head, rolls his eyes and says "Don't you think you have enough junk on that thing?"  He pointed out that every weekend I seem to come home with something new to accessorise my scoot.  I have to agree with him there. 

I remember Olympia Dukakis in Steel Magnolias saying, "The only difference between us and animals is our ability to accessorise."  I wonder if she was talking about my scooter addiction?

 I think I would rather have scooter bling than any other sort of bling!

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