Saturday, July 21, 2012

Scarlet's New Shoe

Metzeler Lasertec

Since I started my scooter/motorcycle journey I have been bitten hard by the riding bug.  I am approaching the two year mark between the scooter and motorcycle.  I ride a lot, every day in fact, through all sorts of weather rain, fog, winter, spring, summer, I commute and do a lot of 'tootling'.  Motorcycle Man was inspecting my bike and decided I was due for a new rear tire.  We shopped around and ordered a Metzeler Lasertec tire.  Motorcycle Man has had Metzeler tires on his bike for a few years and really likes them.  He is sold on them for riding in the rain because they move the water really well and are fairly sticky for a street tire.  I ordered the new one online because no one had it in stock and they were on back order until November, I guess it is  pretty popular tire. When it arrived I went out to Kenco Motorcycle in Sooke and they installed it in a jiffy and the service was GREAT and very reasonably priced. I am a happy Moto Mama now and today I went riding with two of my girlfriends.  We logged about 200km, I have to wear off the coating on the new tire ;)  The tire is fabulous, it makes a huge difference to the ride and steering seems better.  So I am pretty happy.  

Motorcycle Man out in the Moto Lair  taking off the old shoe.

Checking out the wear - diagnosis no tread 

Old shoe - well worn

New shoe being put on.

 Balancing act
Voila! lets hit the road baby!  
(I had to wear the coating off, so I rode 200km's today)


Pam said...

Now you'll have to get a new pair of shoes too! xoxo

Andrew Thomson said...

I hope you like the Metzlers. I used to run them (not that exact tyre) on my Bandits and yes, they are very good in the wet.

Yet to try them on my Connie but very happy with Michelins at the moment.

Dar said...

Pam - I think I am going to buy my motorcycling hubby a new Olympia jacket for his birthday and for thanking him for all he does to keep my bike running & all of the stuff he has done to get me there. But then again I did see some dead sexy motorcycle boots :)

Andrew - My old tire was really down to the wear bars and it made my ride chunky and hard. I can't believe the difference the new tire makes to the feel of the ride. It definitely is smoother and handles better. I noticed that right away on the highway - no vibration. I still have a bridgestone on the front, but I think I am going to get another Metzeler lasertec for the front - a girl can't have mismatched shoes :)

We run Michelin light truck tires on our van and have been happy with those, they are good tires.

Deb said...

Ooh la, la! Ain't she purty?!

Feels smooth as glass and fast as lightning, I betcha! :=)

She should have posted her new shoe in your shoe challenge! LOL

Glad you're on the road with a secure tire rolling along! Keep the rubber side up, ok?

Dar said...

Deb - it is amazing what the right tire will do, she rides like a big fat old Cadillac breezing down the road on a sunny day.

Scooterchick said...

Nice looking ride...:-). I wonder if those kind of tires will fit "Ms Vicky"? She's a 250cc Bet and Win by Kymco. Looks good on yours! I'll keep the brand in mind.

Dar said...

Scooterchick - check out Canada's Motorcycle they have Metzeler's for scooters. My tires are 130/90-16

Trobairitz said...

New tires are so much fun. Nice looking tire you got there too.

My tires were awesome on our IMBC trip and I think much better than if I had of tried going on the worn ones. All the highway riding and 30 miles of chip seal have started to take their toll though.