Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Moto Mama's go wandering - To Infinity & Beyond (almost)

Kristen and Liz posing with the ancient sistas  (I made them do it)

Saturday was moto adventure day!  It started out cold and cloudy, but we ventured out despite the threat of rain.  We met up and rode over the  Trans Canada#1 Malahat highway.  We made our first stop at West Coast Roar the best female riding gear store on Vancouver Island (they also carry men's gear).  We chatted with Greer and Joley the owners of Roar.  We drooled over all the lovely jackets and riding apparel.  We had coffee and nibblies at Serious Coffee next door and then we were off.  

Our second stop was in Duncan to pick up my new Shoei (I am still stoked about this).  After that it was approaching lunchtime and we decided to drive to Crofton and have lunch at Lito's Cafe & Galleria.  Kristen and Liz had yummy looking cuban sandwiches and I decided to skip the sandwich and go straight to dessert.  It was homemade to die for carrot cake.  All three of us had a piece.  It seems we are becoming a RTE (ride to eat) group.  The Vancouver Scootering Club RTE crew needs to come visit this little cafe for the carrot cake. 

   The Vancouver Scootering RTE crew needs to come for a 
weekend of riding Vancouver Island with Princess Scooterpie

After our delicious lunch we decided to wander down the highway to Chemainus.  

Chemainus is a picturesque little town that is part of the Stz'uminus First Nation, located in the Cowichan Valley. Chemainus was named after a powerful First Nation's Chief Tsa-meeun-is which translates to Broken Chest. 1858 brought logging to the community and the mills were thriving until the early 1980's and at the point the mill was closed.  The town was dying, but was revived as a tourist destination.  Chemainus is famous for the 39 murals painted on  the buildings around the town. The murals tell the story of the town.  Chemainus is home to a thriving tourist industry with antique shops, eateries, galleries, and theatre.  It is a lovely walk around the town and great fun peeking into the eclectic little shops.  In 2006 a Boeing 737 was sunk off the coast to create an artificial reef, which is home to aquatic plant and marine life.

 Apparently the town was scandalized 
by a gang of biker chics who were wreaking havoc

This lovely young lady was gracious enough to let me 
snap her picture, she is dressed in early 1900 clothing. 

After wandering around Chemainus and stopping for some refreshments it was time to hit the road and head home.  We detoured and drove through Cowichan Bay, my old home town for 9 months, that is where we bought our floathome the Resting Cloud and lived aboard for 9 months before towing it to Westbay in Victoria.  

 Our quick stop in Cow Bay *notice on the back
of Liz's bike - carrot cake.

The inaugural run of the new Shoei RF1100 Sylvan helmet.
The graphics remind me of a mardi gras mask. Helmet Nirvana! 

*writer acknowledges wikipedia for facts regarding Chemainus and the Cowichan Valley.  


Andrew Thomson said...

Let me know if you rebels are ever coming through here so I can alert the authorities and head for the hills!

Looks like a nice day out!

Dar said...

Andrew - I will alert you if the Mama's are coming to town. I am not sure any place we visit is ever the same after we have wreaked a little havoc and caused mayhem, ate carrot cake and played tourist.

ToadMama said...

Having girlfriends who ride has got to be awesome. My Hubby is my ride partner, which is cool, but traveling with girls is just different. It's a whole different mood and mentality that men will never understand. That little town is lovely. And that carrot cake looked mouth-wateringly delicious. Now I'm hungry.

Martha Tenney said...

What a wonderful day you had! I would love to have been there, too.

VStar Lady said...

What a great day - I love stopping in little places that are full of history (and good things to eat).
And I just have to say, of course what else would one do with a used Boeing but sink it (We do the same in Kingston with old ferries)

Dar said...

ToadMama - Riding with girlfriends is great. We stop & chat and want to explore little places and of course take pictures. My Hubby is usually my ride partner, but he always seems in a hurry and sometimes I can't get his attention to pull over. I am going to get some helmet communication devices for us at some point.

Martha it was lovely! The weather gave us a few worrying moments here and there, but all in all was great.

VStar Lady - I love looking at the history of a place and in Chemainus you didn't have to work to find it out because it was painted on the sides of buildings. Loved it. I think they have done this more than once, they sunk an old Canadian frigate I believe as well somewhere along the coast.

Regarding the carrot cake, it was bar none the best I have ever had.

Liz Jansen said...

Loved this post. It brought back wonderful memories of a trip I did 9 years ago, visiting the island and particularly Chemainus. What a special place! Looks like you all enjoyed it too!

Trobairitz said...

What a great day it turned out to be.

Such neat pictures and I am still drooling over the carrot cake.

Pam said...

I knew I liked you! Jumping straight to carrot cake would have been my move too.

Dar said...

Liz - it is a beautiful Island. I have lived here for 21 years and this was the first time I have ever been to Chemainus. Since taking up riding I am starting to explore the Island more and absolutely marvelling at the beauty and diversity here. We had an excellent time!

Trobairitz - I am still thinking of the carrot cake and its Wednesday! It was delicious, moist and just plain old amazing!

Pam - I am not one to do things by the book, I can eat a sandwich anytime, but the carrot cake was calling me. Live life with gusto and eat dessert first and then see if you are still hungry and eat the boring stuff last. :)

SonjaM said...

Good for you gals! A trip with the ladies is always different. I also enjoy the rides with my club, the Freewheelin' girls. We have different priorities, such as food, sight seeing, taking pics etc.

If I travel with hubby it is about riding, which is good as well but usually involves less stopping and smelling the roses.

I really have to get my ass over to the island some time. I would like a piece of that carrot cake.

Deb said...

Loved it! What a hoot! Especially that pose/blend thingie!

Ah, to have riding companions of any gender, species, or variety...I cannot imagine!

Glad you gals had a blast!

Beautiful, fun post. I'd love to visit there and scoot the views...

Patricia Carpenter said...

Sounds like you gals had a ball....:-). Good for you! Hope to see you all on the road one day!

and oh.... I THOUGHT about that carrot cake and gained 4 pounds because I thought about 4 pieces! haha

Dar said...

Patricia - the carrot cake is still calling to me, I think I am going to have to ride back there for more :)