Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Shoe for Scarlet

I wish I could say I was getting a glorious sexy pair of red strappy sandals, but I am not.  I am getting Miss Scarlet a new rear shoe.  Motorcycle Man has been looking for awhile, we have called around to the local places and they can't get the tire he is after until October.  Unfortunately Scarlet needs a new rear shoe NOW!  Motorcycle Man has told me I need to stop riding so much, because I am racking up the kilometres and burning through tires.  My response was, "Yeah Baby!" 


BeemerGirl said...

Racking up too many miles?? Is he speaking English? Those words in that order just aren't computing to me. ;)

What tire was he going for that isn't available until Oct?

bobskoot said...


did you try: ask for Kevin

or the honda centre in Burnaby

let me know the size and I'll get Gary to check it out

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Dar said...

Beemergirl - I think my hubs is jealous because I get to ride every day! He is kidding mostly and can't believe how much road time I clock. It was Metzeler Lasertec. They are just popular tires here. My hubby has one on his bike and loves it, great tread for rain, which we get a lot of!

Bob - I ordered it from Canada's Motorcycle and it was cheaper than any place I have looked, so its on its way and I will have it on by next weekend! Yay

David Masse said...

Canada's Motorcycle does have great prices and I've been pleased with their service too. Glad you're racking up the miles.

BeemerGirl said...'s just too darn bad that you get to ride more. Hehehe

How many years has he ridden vs you? Just catching up. Good for you!

VStar Lady said...

Ride too much - is that possible? You go girl!

Trobairitz said...

Now we all have images of you wearing sexy strappy red sandalss while riding Scarlet.

It must be new shoe season for our bikes.

My new front came in yesterday and the new rear will be here tomorrow. Still had the stock tires on it. Only 5500 miles but the rear was looking a little sad. Hubby's new rear tire should be in tomorrow too.

Love the new background for your blog.

Dar said...

David - That is encouraging to hear. They were fabulous on the phone. We found that they were the lowest price and at the dealerships for the same tire there was anywhere from $50 to $90 extra on the cost of the same tire. Glad I ordered from there.

Beemergirl - I think Motorcycle Man is just shocked that I ride as much as I do. He has been riding for 37 years, so I think the lustre of riding in rain and all things weather wore off long ago. Yup I have a lot of catching up to do. He is so funny when he talks to his guy friends about me riding he smiles proudly and says "She is riding so much that she is wearing out the tires!" Its funny when he does that.

V-Star Lady - I agree I don't think there is ever such a thing as riding too much! I just need to figure out some lovely trips and get moving on those. Thinking Tofino this summer.

Trobairitz - Lol I wish I had some sexy strappy red sandals - I love all things stilletto, one of my weaknesses. But I think I would rather have a lovely new shoe for the back of my sexy red bike!

Like your blog background as well, I almost picked that one too! I tried uploading one my pictures as the blog background, but it wouldn't do it, so I thought this was pretty nifty.

SonjaM said...

I have never been one for fancy shoes, but I agree with motorcycle boots being my favourite pair of shoes. The others... probably flip flops.

And I rather shop moto gear than fashion. I am still a tom girl I guess.

What your hubby is saying, doesn't compute with me either. What does it mean "riding too much".