Sunday, July 15, 2012

Evening stroll along the Westsong walkway in Victoria

Victoria is beautiful, particularly in the summer months.  The island comes alive and everyone is outdoors.  Like Martha Living Among Tourists, I also live in a tourist destination which is particularly busy in the summer months.  Here are some photos I took while out on an evening power walk with my hubby.  My walk starts out at West Bay by the floathome community - I was lucky enough to live on a house moored here for 10 years.  I really miss sitting out on the deck and watching the world from my little paradise.  I am blessed however to still live here and go strolling on this walkway, it goes from Esquimalt to downtown Victoria and you can connect up with it on the other side of the harbour. Enjoy my evening walk with my hubby. 

WestBay portion of the Westsong Walkway

Victoria has a very busy working harbour.  This is looking over towards the Ogden Point Cruise ship dock.

A local Artist created this along the shoreline. It is pretty cool.

Very large flock of Canadian Geese - it isn't pretty on the walkway in some place (goose poop)

We are the City of Gardens and it is beautiful here in summer.

Johnson Street Bridge 'Big Blue'

Inner Harbour looking towards the Parliament Buildings

Looking back towards West Bay on the walk home.


Brenda said...

Oh you are so lucky to live in a such a beautiful place. I miss living that close to the water sometimes and looking at those photos gave me a touch of homesickness I havent felt in years. In a nice way tho, thanks for sharing Dar. That last photo just sums it all up .. perfection!

ToadMama said...

Gorgeous pics. That light is amazing. I wish I lived near a place as scenic as that!

Deb said...

Breath-taking beauty! I am happy for you to live there, but very envious! :=)

I would love to live along near the sea again and your area is particularly beautiful.

Thanks for sharing...

Trobairitz said...

Great pics, the first was my favorite.

One of these summers we really need to ride to the Island for a few days.

David Masse said...

Dar, gorgeous photos, as usual. There are times when life on two feet beats life on two wheels. I strolled along the other shore past the parliament, and out towards the smaller community of float homes where Barb's is. I would love to spend some time living in a float home. When Bob led me on a ride to Finn's Slough, there was a float home in the inlet that was sitting on dry land at a jaunty angle at low tide. I wonder how they keep the dishes on the shelves. Takes "rolling out of bed" to a whole other level. Great post.

Dar said...

Brenda - I love living near the water, but it does have it's minus side as well with heavy cold wind off the ocean. Living her does make for lovely walks and rides.

ToadMama - Its funny because I always think the same of everyone else's pictures!

Deb - It would be great fun if you lived nearby I could see plenty of scooter jaunts happening!

Trobairitz - Come on over any time! Would love to show you around.

David - Living on a floathome is an interesting lifestyle. Stormy nights out in the middle of a bay at the end of a dock aren't that much fun though, I can personally attest to that. Many sleepless night spent tightening up ropes and listening to the wind screaming through sailboat rigging and the house pushing out from the dock only to be snapped back when the ropes caught. Our house used to be up island in Cowichan Bay, when there was ultra low tides we sat on bottom and the house would be on a little bit of a slant. All breakable stuff was behind glass cabinet doors and I used to line the front with heavy towels and tie the handles together when it got really bumpy. We also never put anything up high. We did have a shelf that bordered the kitchen and it had a very sturdy rail to stop things from falling off. That usually didn't happen and if it got that rocky it was time to grab the lifevests and leave. I lived on board for 10 years and we had some very interesting weather related times, particularly during the blizzard of 1996 when the entire Capital Region was shut down due to snow. We were out shovelling all day & night or we would have sunk. One fellow's house did sink because he only threw salt on the roof to melt snow - DUH! I will have to find a picture of my lovely little house and post and tell my tales of life living aboard a floathome. Loved the lifestyle, glad I did it, but now I am glad I live on land

SonjaM said...

Dar, no doubt you live in a wonderful spot. When I do my evening walk along the inlet I also find serenity just by being on two feet instead of two wheels. I would love to hear / see more about your 'lifestyle' on a floathome. It was one of my lifelong dreams to live in one...

Dar said...

Sonja - I will try & dig up some pictures. I loved our floathome. It was a wonderful unique experience and am glad I did it.

Martha Tenney said...

To say this is all beautiful is an understatement. I would love to live here as you have the refinement and structure and culture that we do not. And milder weather!

Thank you for the tour. I'm adding this to my list of "Someday". Someday I'll come be a tourist!