Monday, July 23, 2012

A lid fit for a Princess - Princess Scooterpie that is...

Shoei RF1100 Sylvan helmet

When I started scootering I fell in love with gear that was pink, most of it was because I thought it looked feminine and I didn't have any desire to have a helmet with skulls all over it.  Don't get me wrong I think a good skull and crossbones has its place, just not on my helmet.  The luster of pink quickly wore off and decided that I wanted an upgrade.  When I purchased my current HJC helmet I was having a hard time finding one that fit and ended up with a youth extra large - it fit well & was comfortable. In the beginning I was spending lots of money trying to get outfitted for riding and a Shoei was on my dream list, but was out of my budget.  I bought entry level gear and was disappointed with the results; jackets, pants, boots leaking and the helmet noise beyond acceptable. I have learned a valuable lesson when purchasing gear, spend a little more and get what you want because the next level up of gear will more than pay for itself.

I have had my eyes on a Shoei Goddess Quest in white.  I have oogled and ogled, drooled and wished for this helmet, tried it on several times and it was PERFECT!  I decided a few months back to start saving for it, because my old HJC was getting pretty beat up, the chin strap was starting to fray, the liner was grimy because I happened to be a girly girl and wear make-up. 

I was just getting ready to go plunk down my hard earned dollars and buy the coveted helmet of my dreams, when a friend told me about a helmet he had bought for his kid, but made the huge mistake of not taking said child to try it on before purchasing. With most motorcycle dealers helmets are non-refundable and he was stuck with a $500+ helmet. It still had the transparent protective vinyl on the visor - never been worn.

It was like a case of Cinderella and the ugly step sisters trying to cram their feet into the glass slipper.  I tried it on and IT FIT!!!  It isn't the Goddess Qwest, but an RF1100 Sylvan.  I love the graphics and the helmet is full of sparkles which sings to the inner diva in me and the pattern reminds me of gossamer dragon fly wings and there is a diamond jewel pattern on the top. It kind of reminds me of an elaborate Mardi Gras mask. Oh my!  Here is the best part, when I asked him how much he wanted he said $100. I said "REALLY?!"  He said "Yup"  I handed him the money, squealed with delight and off I went.  I could not believe it!!!!  I have checked the helmet out on-line and a few local retailers, it is going from about $500 to $680.  Ka-ching! WOW!!!  I love it when the Moto Fairy Godmother sprinkles pixie dust. The best part is the money I would have spent on the Goddess I used to buy Motorcycle Man a present, I bought him an Olympia MOAB jacket and he was thrilled.  

Now for my technical part of the discussion.  The helmet came with a chin curtain, removable washable liners, has plenty of venting and a fabulous anti-scratch coat on the visor.  The best part is it is extremely quiet when you are doing 90 clicks down the highway.  My old helmet was very noisy and starting to affect my hearing, it was almost as if you were in a hurricane that is how loud it was.  I am still breaking in the cheek pads, from what I have read they will compress after a week or so of wear.  I went for a long afternoon ride after I got it and there were no tender spots on my forehead or head anywhere.  I am one very happy Princess Scooterpie - my new lid makes me feel more like a Queen. 

 Oh! Look at the sparklies!!!! A helmet fit for a Moto Diva!


Pam said...

Absolutely love your new helmet!!

ToadMama said...

Wow, that is one awesome-looking helmet! And a great deal to boot. What a lucky gal.

Dar said...

Pam - I love it too! You should see the cream & gold colored version of it. If I had a choice I would have picked it, but i am absolutely thrilled & love it. It was meant to be.

ToadMama - I sometimes find good deals, never anything this good!

SonjaM said...

What a great design! I am pretty sure that style becomes you.

Deb said...

You are so funny! And what a cool helmet, particularly the tiara!

Do the feathers blow gently in the breeze as you tear down the twisties? LOL

It is "just you"!

And the discount...oh, I almost jumped out of my chair! If there's anything I like more than "sale" it's "deep discount"!

So purty.....ya done GOOD!

Dar said...

Sonja - it fits perfectly. The day pictures really don't do it justice, it is very reflective. I still can't get over the unbelievable quietness of the helmet.

Dar said...

Deb - it suits my personality. I think the moto fairy godmother thought I deserved it. I was getting ready too hoof the pink & black one. My hub still can't believe what I paid for it. I don't know if it makes me go faster, but I feel taller in it - lol

Andrew Thomson said...

Nice! I'm Shoei man too (except for my adv helmet) but mine is not as flash as yours...Great that it's got all the goodies - I added a whisper kit and a pinlock anti-fog insert to mine.

PS: look after your ears - get some good custom ear plugs. You'll be much fresher after a day out on the bike and lose even more of the wind racket!

Brenda said...

Wow .. well done Dar!!!

I think it's a great looking helmet, I'm with you in not wanting skulls and stuff like that on my head and that one just looks so pretty.

Just wow!!

Shybiker said...

Great helmet; glad it found its way to you. I've always used Shoei's, despite the expense, 'cause our heads matter. In fact, when I crashed in 2003, my Shoei absorbed a huge amount of the impact and saved my life. It had a quarter-inch deep gash in it.

Dar said...

Andrew - I was looking at the different sheild varieties, and think I am going to get a tinted one and the pinlock. I was looking up whisper kit and couldn't quite find out what it was, it if is available and something cool, I may just get one. I am going to get custom earplugs made I have been wearing the foamies and I always lose one while out on the road, I think I could find my way back by following the trail of foamy earplugs.

Brenda - You should see it at night when light shines on it, is sparkles like crazy which is great. I get irritated when I see all the skull and crossbone crap, I am past that age too, maybe in my 20's I would have liked that, now I prefer sophisticated or simple. You should see it in the cream & gold - That was the one I would have picked if I was buying it. But this one is very much me.

Shybiker - I think I will be a solid shoei purchaser after this and will probably start a helmet replacement fund so when the time comes it isn't an issue. Thats a huge testament to shoei's quality that you are using them after a crash - hope you were okay in this incident.

Trobairitz said...

Sweet! Great deal on a great helmet.

I think you need to find a way to glue the tiara on it though. Imagine the feathers fluttering in the wind!

Martha Tenney said...

Congrats on the Shoei. I have had two HJC and finally decided on a Shoei not too long ago. It's all about what you said- get the good stuff and and you save in the long run. Besides, how much is your head worth?

I like my hi-viz, but your new helmet is very stylish.

Dar said...

Trobairitz - Let me tell you the Tiara on permanently has crossed my mind on my occasions. But I bet you already knew that :) It was a fabulous deal!

Martha - I couldn't agree more. Don't you just love your Shoei? I was looking at the White Goddess Qwest for the hi viz factor or a yellow one, but this was just too good of a deal to let go. I will wear a hi viz vest instead. The design is really reflective when light hits it because of all the sparkles. I tested this out with a flashlight in a dark room.

Circle Blue said...

I love serendipity! I'm glad this happened to you, especially after the little trials you went through with Scarlett. Congratulations on a great find!

Dar said...

Keith - serendipity love that word, need to use it more often. You are right little moments & treasures make the trials more bearable. I have had two serendipitous moments this month, first I scored a mesh jacket for a very reasonable price & then the helmet. How is your summer going?

Circle Blue said...

My summer has been hot and dry. We've been doing lots of hiking. I hope to have some big news in the next couple of weeks.

Been riding to work to every day. Life is good.

D. Brent Miller said...

Dar, I am in the PNW, and will be visiting with friends in Seattle for the next four days. I am going to be at Sound Harley-Davidson, 16212 Smokey Point Blvd. Marysville, WA 98271 between 10-10:30 on Saturday morning, July 28. We can visit there and/or ride someplace for lunch. This will be convenient for some of the folks who might come from Vancouver. I'd love to meet you in person. Others too. --Brent

Troubadour said...

Congrats on the new helmet and the awesome price, you must be a very good princess for karma like that.
I like to pay it forward and offer my old gear (except helmets) to new riders to keep the karma flowing.

Dar said...

Brent - I wish I could, but I have commitments and can't make it own there.

Troubadour - I am wondering if the moto fairy decided my my springtime moto angst was deserving of a little moto love. I like the idea of passing gear on.