Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy December 1st!

Victoria's Inner Harbor about 8:30am, heavy with floatplane traffic

Happy December 1st ! Today was beautiful and a cold crisp 6 C (42 F).  I heard rumor of snow in our forecast, but I am keeping my frozen fingers and toes crossed.  Again I am neglecting my chores on a day off and listening to Lucy calling me from the garage because she wants to play.  So I geared up and off we went.  I thought I had sufficient layers on, but apparently not.  I think I need to juice up my gloves and maybe a heated vest. We went for a nice ride out to the Peninsula and back up through farmland.  I have to say I am loving the fact it is December 1st and I am out on my bike.

Here are a few pictures of my ride and some festive pics with it being December.

A little more moto rambling.  Yesterday I was out to the local Suzuki/Triumph/Ducati dealer and found the perfect pair of boots which are "Guaranteed waterproof" the gentleman that helped me was awesome.  The boots fit like a glove and are well made.  I am now asking Santa/Motorcycle Man for these.  I can't believe how my focus has changed from baubles and bling to everything motorcycle in a mere 11 months.  Every since  I started my motorcycle journey I have always loved the look of the old Triumphs and have wistfully wanted one.  Yesterday while at the dealer, the salesman happily indulged me by pulling out a Bonneville for me to sit on and ogle.  It was perfect!  It is the perfect height and size and I don't struggle flnging my leg over when I get on it or when I get off.  I love the retro styling of it and could see myself riding it. Sigh the sad part is now I will have to save up for it and it may take awhile, but until that time I have my beautiful Lucy, so I am content.

So Santa Baby if you are snooping around my blog all I have to sing is "Santa Baby I've been an awfully good girl....Santa Baby please put a pair of Triumph boots under my tree for me... I don't want baubles or bling...So hurry down the chimney tonight!"  

 It is full-on Christmas now, time to set up the tree and dip into some Rum & Egg Nog or a decadent Candycane Martini......

Inner Harbor at night festively decorated - No Bah Humbug here....

BC Legislature Building 

You had to know I was going to put one of Lucy in here!

Inside the Legislature there is usually a magnificent tree, I am going to have to go and capture some pictures of it, it is truly a beautiful thing to behold.


Adrian from YouMotorcycle said...

Enjoy the old girl a little while more :) What do you think of the Triumph Thruxton?

Dar said...


I think I like the lines of the Bonneville more, a little sleeker and it was the perfect size. I'd have to see one up close, because I bet the Thruxton is taller than the Bonnie. Hmmm might have to check that out.

Roger said...

Yep, every xmas I get motorcycle stuff......I think I am obsessed! Still one has to look good when out on the bike.

Dar said...


My family tells me I have a 2 wheeled addiction and they are planning an intervention. On the weekend Motorcycle Daughter will say to Motorcycle Man "Where's Mom?" he apparently sighs and says "I dunno check the garage to see if the bike or scooter is still there.". If it sunny I am probably out and about on the bike. They both kind of sighed when I told them I wanted motorcycle boots, and asked me if I wanted some jewellery. When I said no, my daughter told me a motorcycle pod person had abducted me & left this crazed motorcycle obsessed woman in my place.