Friday, December 2, 2011

Just Me & my Shadow

Fuzzy Galore another moto blogger was out chasing her shadow the other day and asked motorcyclists to post a pic of their shadows.  Yesterday I attempted to capture my shadow, but she was elusive and camera shy.  Everytime I would get a good burst of sunshine there was no place to pull over and take the shot.  I eventually gave up because it was freezing out and it had clouded over.  Today however was a different story, brilliant winter sunshine and it was a cool 7C (43F).  You somehow don't feel the cold as much when the sun is shining.  I soaked up a a ton of vitamin D and got to go for a motorcycle ride!  Yay!  Now it is time to hurry and get the chores done or I am going to get in trouble for being a Moto Diva slacker.....

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Unknown said...


don't tell me you have ANOTHER day OFF !! it is dark when I leave work.

I like your shadow, sort of looks like a Bonneville

Riding the Wet Coast

Dar said...


I am off on Fridays, I just took some OT I had. Love that it was sunny!

Trobairitz said...

Great shadow pics Dar.

SonjaM said...

The weather was awesome, wasn't it? I wish I had thought about taking pictures. Love the shadow pics, nice theme.

Dar said...

Trobairitz - Thanks, it was stunning today.

Sonja - I always have my camera in my pocket, you never know what you will see. I was supposed to be putting up my Christmas tree, but went out for a ride instead. I just can't help myself. Lucy's insurance is up next Friday and then I am heading to scooterville.

RichardM said...

Hmmm, the shadow pictures demonstrate that the sun occasionally does show up on the wet coast. I like the last one best.


Dar said...


Yup it occasionally likes to peep through. Sure didnt today though completely grey all day and depressing.