Saturday, December 10, 2011

My favorite 5 photos of 2011

This is where it all began with a little blue Vino Scooter. 

This was from my first scooter adventure and a Moto Diva was born.

The 2 other favorite people in my life, Motorcycle Man and Moto Diva Jr.

Just to show you my life isn't all about scooter or motorcycle, we went kayaking to Meare's Island this summer it was amazing!  I love the colour of all the kayaks that tied up together.
This is my favorite picture the colours and I was being arty.
This was my first weekend fully licensed and Motorcycle Man and went on a quest of riding twisties.  This was the perfect place in East Sooke.  I thought it was a cool picture, when I finished I stopped at the bottom and there was smoke from a campfire billowing through the area.  A  female bicyclist was standing at the bottom look up and she had to tell me when I stopped, "I looked up and saw you coming around the bend out of the smoke in all of your pink gloriousness and it made me smile!"  This was still when I had my beloved pink jacket.  It was a pretty awesome day. 

This isn't a great picture of me, but it is a significant one for this year, this was taken right after I did my class 6 road test and became a motorcyclist.  It was an amazing day and one I will remember always.

I had to sneak in a few more, I just couldn't help myself!


David Masse said...

Great choices Dar, you're a talented photographer and I've seen some amazing pictures you've taken, but of all those shots I can easily see why they had trouble unseating your top four. The kayak photo is really nice, not just for the colours, but for the composition as well. I'm looking forward to the 2012 photo gallery.

Shybiker said...

You look great and the pictures are fun. You'll always remember this year for what you achieved in it. I love your smile on the bike -- it proves you belong there!

SonjaM said...

You look awesome, great confidence level. You definitely belong on two wheels. Interestingly yet another rider who loves kayaking...
My favourite is the picture with the three of you.

Trobairitz said...

Great pictures Dar.

And I agree with everyone else, you always take great pictures.

Congrats on moving from a Scooter-Diva to a Motorcycle-Diva this year.

Dar said...

Thank you all my motorcycle/scooter friends! The best part of motorcycling and scooting this year has been blogging and meeting you all and your encouragement of my journey. You have all spurred me onto taking my camera along with me everywhere I go. My favorite part of the day is sitting and looking at all of your blogs and reading the stories and seeing the beautiful pictures you all take. Thank you for your compliments on my pictures *blushing*, they are taken from a little tiny canon point & shoot. I think I may have to drag around a larger camera.

I look forward to following all of your blogs, reading about your adventures and looking at your gorgeous pictures.

Roger said...

Aweosome pics, all of them (even if you do have trouble counting!!lol) It has been fun to see you starting your journey, wait till this time next year! Youa are gonna have lots of stories to tell.

Adrian from YouMotorcycle said...

There's a big difference between owning a motorcycle and being a motorcyclist. These pics say you're a motorcyclist. Ride on!

Dar said...

Roger - LOL I know bad counting - its like eating jelly beans you just can't limit yourself to just 5! There were so many pictures it was such a hard choice. Thanks for the great challenge!

Adrian - Thank you that is a huge compliment! I am still riding and can't believe it, it is December 12th! The 2012 season is fast approaching and I can hardly wait!

Fuzzy said...

"...its like eating jelly beans you just can't limit yourself to just 5!"

It IS hard to pick just 5 when you look back at a whole year.

Gorgeous sunset in the "bonus" pic :)

You've come a long way this year, Dar. These pics show that. Thanks for sharing 'em!

Dar said...

Fuzzy. Thanks, it has been a long year full of growth & learning new skill sets. Very exciting and stressful at the same time. Looking forward to next year!