Saturday, December 31, 2011


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  I wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous 2012 filled with blessings and moto adventures!!!!!!!

This year has been a wonderful year for me, one with many blessings for both my family and myself.  I have grown exponentially in 2011 and discovered the love of riding.  Even with its rough beginnings I learned that I am a strong person and can overcome and enjoy the thrill of adventure and challenges that motorcycling and scootering brings.  I have met wonderful new friends and am looking forward to actually meeting up with my blogger friends in the New Year!

It all started on January 21st, 2011 with a test drive of an orange Sym Mio, which unfortunately resulted in a wipe out, but I persevered and became Princess Scooterpie!  Yup a Moto Diva was born that day.  The scooter has made my personality bloom, if you look in the pictures below you will see where I actually became an unofficial entry into a parade - hint it is the pictures with balloons, it was a lot of fun.  The Admiral gave me a thumbs up as I tootled by the reviewing stand and proudly tooted my little scooter horn.  At the end of August this year I wrote my motorcycle learner's test and passed.  I signed up for a Novice motorcycle course and Traffic Safety Course through Vancouver Island Safety Council.  I was successful with my courses and took my road test on October 19th, passed and have not looked back since.  I remember in the beginning of all this that I thought my 50cc Yamaha Vino scooter was HUGE and would do me forever!  Once I discovered my new found passion, I knew I needed more cc's. I logged about 5,000km on my little scoot in the course of 11 months. Then along came my beautiful Honda CM450E Lucy.  She was an amazing first bike and I have enjoyed her immensely.  At Christmas I was surprised by Motorcycle Man and Moto Diva Jr with a vintage 1985 Honda Shadow VT500C, she is my beloved Miss Scarlett. 

I have also seen sadness this year with riders in the Victoria motorcycle community passing away due to MVIs on the Malahat Highway.  These incidents brought the riding community together and a new group was formed; The Rider's for Safety.  On Saturday, November 5th, 2011, we gathered and rode to the BC Legislature to let our Government know that we need concrete barriers on the Malahat to stop the increasing amount of  head on collisions.  It was impressive seeing 300 motorcyclists and scooterists from every section of the riding community being well represented. We continue to meet and will do so until the Government installs concrete barriers on this roadway.   I want the families to know that we continue to work on the issue of making the Malahat safer for all motorists and that their loved ones ARE NOT forgotten. 

Here are a few pictures of my journey in 2011.  I look forward to many more motorcycle adventures and sharing them with you.  Until then Peace, Blessings and Joy to you all in 2012.  Ride Safe!!

Vixen - Princess Scooterpie

I participated in my first scooter rally, way too much fun!

This was my first long adventure on the scooter where I decided
I needed more cc's!

I was overtaken by Canuck fever and unofficially entered a local
parade - Buccaneer Days - ARRRR MATEY!!

I was almost swallowed up by a monster Canuck Mobile.  See how 
much fun scootering is!

Summer was spent in Tofino and Motorcycle Man would 
not let me bring my scooter, so I went through withdrawal.
Kayaking to Meares Island was wonderful.

We went for a scooter & motorcycle family ride one beautiful
summer Friday evening.  It was wonderful!

This is in early September after I wrote my learner's permit
I rode around a lot in a parking lot close to my house.  
Motorcycle Man is a kind, gentle and patient teacher.  He bought me
Lucy after I almost dumped his bike affectionally named 'Monster'.

Motorcycle Man 

Lucy my beautiful 1984 Honda CM450E 

Vancouver Island Safety Council Novice Course graduates
October 2011!  

Lucy and I celebrated my successful road test with a 'Diva' cupcake!

This pretty much sums up how I feel about motorcycles!

Riders for Safety event Saturday, November 5, 2011
The Victoria Riding community came together to remember all
those who have perished on the Malahat due to MVI.  Approximately
300 riders united for this event.  May those who died rest in peace, we
continue to work to make safety changes on the Malahat.  

Dave Rogers our gracious MC - 
Motorcycle Instructor for Vancouver Island Safety Council

My favorite picture;  Reflections

A very Happy Moto Diva!

Christmas 2011

My husband and daughter gave me Miss Scarlett on Christmas Eve.
It appears Santa and his Elfette couldn't wait until Christmas morning.

The test drive!  I know what Cinderella feels like now, insurance
was only valid until mid-night, still looking for the glass motorcycle boot.....

Miss Scarlett - 1985 Honda Shadow VT500C  



RichardM said...

Happy New Year!

Very nice summary of your year. And maybe I'll meet you at IMBC2012.

Dar said...

Richard! Happy Almost New Year!!! You just never know!! If you ever get to Victoria it would be great to get together! I hope the snow melts for you soon and riding season hurries and gets here!!!!!

Keith - Circle Blue said...

It has been great fun to "ride" along with you during this wonderful year. Thanks for sharing your memories with me. I'm looking forward to more in 2012.

Be safe!

John Cloonan said...

Great getting to know you this year through #motochat, and watching you go from scooter to motorcycle. Congrats on the new ride! One of my best friends in high school started with one of those as his first bike, brand new from the Honda shop. Great machine.

VStar Lady said...

Thanks for sharing your memories Dar - can't wait to see more as you head out on Ms. Scarlet this riding season. Best to you and yours for 2012 and beyond.

Trobairitz said...

Happy New year Dar to you and your family.

I can't wait to see what 2012 brings for you and your riding adventures. Hope to meet you all this year.

Dar said...

Keith - The best thing about motorcycling and scootering is the adventures you go on. I love reading about everyone else's trips and looking at pictures of where they live, it is almost like travelling there myself.

John Cloonan - I love Motochat! It is wonderful to talk with other motorcyclists, you learn so many things from these conversations and it is great getting to know you and the others. Looking forward to more motochat!

V-Star Lady - Women motorcyclists are inspiring to me and I think it is awesome that there is a sisterhood! Happy New Year to you and your family.

Trobairitz - It definitely has been a year of adventure and I can hardly wait to see where we go. I am looking forward to getting down to your neck of the woods at some point. I would be great meeting you and Troubadour. I feel blessed that I have met such nice people.

Happy New Year!!!!!!