Friday, November 25, 2011

Perfect day for a winter ride!

Last night Vancouver Island took a beating from a storm.  We had high winds, rain and then hail.  It was hailing so hard it sounded like someone was throwing rocks on the roof.  At one point we looked out and it was bouncing back off the pavement and the lawn was actually white.  The high winds continued through the night and it was a frosty morning.  I waited for it to warm up and then decided I would hop on Lucy because it was sunny and my day off.  My new gear rocks my world and I am toasty warm in it.  I headed out my favorite route West Saanich road out to the Peninsula.  I decided to treat myself to lunch at the 3rd Avenue Cafe, it was fabulous!  Had a cup or two of the demon bean and had the 3rd Avenue burger.  After that I set off for home, but made a detour and buzzed down to Island View beach.  It was pretty windy and the remnants from the storm could be seen, it had tossed up a piles of logs on the walk way.  I had a wonderful ride and I have to say motorcycling is definitely a zen thing, calms the spirit, releases endorphins and just plain fun.

Lucy has informed me she wants to live in a tropical climate.


Eilish said...

Pretty nice ride and photos. Tell Lucy she's lucky enough to be riding the west coast, she could be in Toronto.

Dar said...


It was a gorgeous winter day. We had a hellish storm last night. It was pretty frosty this morning, so I waited until 11:00 to go. It was sunny and I am tired of riding in the rain, so I took advantage of the weather. I am pretty
Iucky that I live where I do, it's very motorcycle friendly.

RichardM said...

I thought that BC was the tropics!? The beach does look a bit beaten up by the storm. Who, if anyone, does the clean up? May be a bit cloudy but at least it is still above freezing.


SonjaM said...

The storm kept me awake all night, but made way for a wonderful view on the mountain next day. Too bad I had to work, didn't get much of the beauty of the day, hence thankful that you share your little ride. Beautifu pictures. I had thought the sea would still be choppy though.

Dar said...

Richard - No one cleans up the logs because it happens all winter long. Tropics I wish, but I guess compared to Alaska temps Vancouver Island is downright tropical. It sure didn't feel tropical doing 90k down the highway. At least I have good gear and had the right amount of layers on, so I was warm.

Sonja - Did you guys have the terrible wind we had? OMG it was screaming like a banshee at one point. It was hailing really hard too. At one point yesterday they had Dallas road closed to traffic because of waves crashing over the sea wall. It was wild. Did you get hail? It was coming down so hard that it was bouncing off the pavement. Too bad you didn't get out for a ride today, it was a nice winter day. I hear we are supposed to get rain for the next couple of days.

Turtle said...

Ooooo, love the pics!
It looks a lot different here after a killer storm.

Dar said...


It was a pretty hairy night with the storm. Crazy how rough it gets. It's a grey day today, I guess we are in for rain.

Raftnn said...

Any ride is a good ride.....well that is my Moto. I enjoy riding through the winter months along as you have the right gear it can be most enjoyable.

Dar said...


I know I feel the same about riding. The only time it gets to be a pain is when it is raining torrentially and it's cold. It was really cold at the beach the other day, It was warmer with my helmet on, but you look weird walking on the beach with it on - good wind protection. Lol

Trobairitz said...

Hooray for storms giving way to sunny days for fall riding.

Great photos. I always like to see the smiling rider photos too. Thanks for including the self portraits.

Dar said...


I have decided that I want a rainy winter because then I can keep riding. Cold dry weather means black ice. Praying for rain! I never thought I would say that - lol.

SonjaM said...

Dar, we got the hail smashing against the windows. It didn't stay on the ground but with the howling winds it made for a terribly noisy night. And now it is back to rain, rain, rain. Pure wet coast weather. I am still adapting... hope to get used to it.

Dar said...


It's the never ending grey that gets to me. I am a sunshine girl, I need it to thrive. But the rain means no snow so I am good with that. I found last winter hard, we had a lot of fog and everything was blah. That storm was really something the other night.

Adrian at YouMotorcycle said...

Love the BIG smile. If your face looks like that you're riding right!

Fuzzy said...

"the demon bean" :oD Love it!

And I too love your smile!

bobskoot said...


I just found out that Scooter Underground is closing FOREVER. they have sales on everything

maybe they have something you need

Riding the Wet Coast

Dar said...


This makes me so sad! They scooter underground dudes are so nice. I bought my TourMaster flex pants from there, I will have to pop bu and see if there is anything in there. Thanks for telling me.

bobskoot said...


I've been going to ScooterUnderground even before they opened their doors. I was there last May during the Scooter Rally.

Do you know Henry ? I think he works at

I know he will give you special pricing.

the sVIs Scooters Vancouver Island Style meet every Sunday for Coffee

you should meet my buddies: Andrew & Carol. Andrew rides a Vespa GTS, and Carol has a Vino 125

I try to make it a point to call them when I come over.

Riding the Wet Coast

Dar said...

Hi Bob,

I know Henry from SG, I almost bought a Vespa from him. I frequent SG quite a bit.

Does Carol ride a raspberry red coloured vino? I have seen it around town and have talked to her once at the grocery store in the parkinglot. You know how scooter peeps park beside each other & chat.

bobskoot said...


go to the 9th photo on this link:

and click to enlarge. That's her red vino 125, on the left about in the middle of the photo. Her helmet has the tiger tails sticking out on both sides

Riding the Wet Coast