Thursday, November 3, 2011

Can you see me now??

Can you see me now?

The most important thing is motorcycling and scootering is conspicuity.  In my pink diva gear I was very conspicuous, now that I am getting a new jacket and it is black, I have made the decision to wear a hi-viz safety vest, particularly at night or when I am on the highway.  This cool little vest has red LEDs that you can leave on steady light pattern or on flashing.    I will take any opportunity I can to be visible and if these sparkly little red led lights do that then great.  My daughter jokingly said we don't need a Christmas tree up and all we have to do is put an angel on top of my head and wear a few Christmas baubles for earrings and we are good to go.  If you think I am dorky I seriously don't care, I want cars & truck drivers to see me and this is just the ticket.

If you are wondering where I got this lovely little vest, it was from Capital Iron, full price it was $19.99. but they are 50% off and I plunked down $11.19 for this sparkly little baby.  The gal said they were selling well at their full, price, now they will be gone for sure.


Adri said...

Are you going with flash or solid light? I know in Ontario we have rules about what coloured lights a vehicle can have and there are also rules about flashing lights as well... but our provincial ministry of transportation... needs improvement (that's me trying to be nice), so maybe you don't have all the rules over there?

Dar said...

Adri - I never even checked. I will go solid, because then it isn't going to be as annoying to drivers. I don't want them getting too close to see what is blinking in the distance. This is cager avoidance for me, not a cager thinking, "What the hell is that, better get close and have a look see." If it turns out I can't wear it, I will use it on Halloween next year.

Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

I have one of those which I bought for jogging and never used.

What a great idea! You can never be too hi-viz!

How about some tire flies on your valve stems? They sell RED ones! I am thinking of getting some of those!

Troubadour said...

I don't miss Canadian math where 50% of $19.99 is $11.19. However, that is a pretty cool vest, too bad they are sold out. Thanks for posting, I did find something similar online.

Dar said...

Troubadour - that is with tax all in.

Trobairitz said...

Okay, you realize now you'll have to pose with an angel on your head and ornaments hanging off you. Maybe put your helmet on and suction cup the angel to it. yeah that's it. For artistic purposes only, not for riding.

All kidding aside I think anything we can do as riders to make ourselves more visible helps. I hadn't seen a vest with LEDs before. Thanks for sharing.

bobskoot said...


can you ride to that viewpoint at the top of the Malahat, turn on your blinking vest, and I will see if I can see you from Vancouver

Riding the Wet Coast

Dar said...

Deb - you are absolutely right about never being too high viz. I am thinking the valve covers for the tires is then next thingy. Hope you are going to post something on your bloggio soon!

Troubadour there is always tax to figure in somewhere.

Trobairitz - I HAVE THE PERFECT earrings to wear with this. I might have to enter as a mini float in the Santa parade. lol

Bob - It will be awhile before I do the Hat anytime soon, there was black ice today. But at my earliest opportunity I will go up there, call ya and ask "Can ya see me now?!"

I know I am going to look like a dork, but I would rather be a hi viz alive motorcyclist/scooterist.

David Masse said...

Dar, for what it's worth, I've noticed that at night cars really stand off behind me. It's either my Admore unit, or, more likely, it's the huge reflective stripes on my Corazzo 5.0 jacket. Or maybe it's just my imagination.

You've got to have Motorcycle Man take a video of you riding at night with that vest on. Once steady, once blinking. Then post it please :)

Dar said...

David - I will. I am completely bumned out though because apparently you can't wear anything with red or blue lights. :(
I will wear it anyway without the light component.